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UK hot weather: Spanish blast to spark heatwave as Britain set for 'hottest day of year'


Summer-like weather is predicted to move across the country from the south from Tuesday as warm air from the Canary Islands gradually makes its way across the UK, with temperatures set to climb over the coming day. Much of Britain can expect sunshine and balmy temperatures into the Easter weekend, with highs of up to 22C expected in parts of London and East Anglia on Good Friday.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said that Friday could be the hottest day of the year so far as the warm blast brings a long-awaited taste of spring.

He told Express.co.uk: “I think Good Friday will be a good weather day. I think we’ll see 21C – 22C in London. That will be the area of main concentration.

“It stretches a bit further than that into East Anglia and Cambridgeshire. Those sorts of areas might see 20C or 21C, so quite possibly the warmest day of the year.”

Mr Dale said the weather front would move up the UK from southern Europe on Tuesday, with the “warmer weather seeping up” from London and the south coast.

Temperatures could climb above 20C in the capital on Tuesday, while other areas will warm up over the coming days.

Southern and southeastern areas are expected to see the best of the sunshine, although northern areas such as Manchester could also see highs of 19C by Friday.

Kent and Surrey are predicted to enjoy the warmest temperatures, while the coldest weather is expected across the north of England and Scotland.

Meanwhile, western regions such as Wales and the northwest may also be slightly cooler.

The warmest temperature of the year so far has been 20.8C, which was recorded in Scotland in March as temperatures soared past the seasonal average.

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However, Ms Kirkwood said much of the UK would enjoy “milder” weather than the chilly conditions of the past week.

The hotter weather will bring a welcome change after much of the country was hit by rain and bitter winds last week as Arctic air mass conditions sent the mercury plummeting.

Mr Dale said Britons should “make the most of these next few days” before colder weather and showers are forecast to close in from the west on Easter Sunday.

He said there could be “a slap in the face from the West as a frontal system starts to move in”, bringing rain and chillier conditions across much of the UK by Sunday afternoon into Monday.

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