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UK facing potentially huge STI surge this summer from one surprise source

The UK could see a surge in STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) this summer as a result of the Paris Olympics.

In just a few weeks, thousands of Britons will make their way over and under the English Channel to France for the festival of sport and mingle with thousands of others from hundreds of countries around the world.

However, with a sharp rise in people entering a city, comes an increased likelihood that people will mingle and become intimate with one another, potentially passing on STDs in some cases.

Sexual health expert and founder of male condom brand MyBliss Mo Carrier has told Express.co.uk that the UK could see a rise in STDs and how this can be prevented.

Mo said: “With athletes and tourists flocking to Paris and the celebrations in full swing, there’s likely to be a lot more social and sexual interactions.

“If people return home to the UK without getting tested after unprotected sex, we could see a surge in STDs, adding to an already worrying trend. Effective public health measures, education campaigns, and easy access to testing and treatment will be crucial to avoid an STD epidemic.

“It’s great that athletes are being given condoms, but I think the public should too. It promotes safe sex and makes condoms more accessible.

“Let’s be honest, stopping by a pharmacy on the way to an Olympic event isn’t high on most people’s list, so having condoms readily available increases the chances they’ll be used.”

Mo highlighted that one of the factors which could influence the likelihood of STDs being transmitted could be that this is the first Olympics since the end of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

They explained: “With STDs on the rise globally, the Paris Olympics, like any big international event, could lead to a spike in cases.

“During the Tokyo Olympics back in 2021, people were told to avoid physical contact due to COVID. So, people might be particularly eager to celebrate the end of the intimacy ban this year, meaning it’s more important than ever that people are given condoms.”

Ahead of the games, the local authorities have gone to great lengths to try and provide the Olympians and Paralympians with as much protection as possible by supplying the Olympic Village with 300,000 condoms – enough for each athlete to have sex 21 times.

Speaking to Sky News about the condoms, Director of the Olympics and Paralympics Laurent Michaud said: “It’s a quantity that makes sure that everybody will have what they’re expecting and what they need.

“We’re going to have 14,250 residents, athletes and press officials over here, that are coming for this great event and to live an extraordinary experience here.”


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