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UK drivers hit with new £70 fines for parking on driveways

UK drivers have been warned they will be hit with new £70 fines for bad parking including across driveways and in cycle lanes.

Motorists can now be charged for parking on dropped kerbs, in cycle lanes or for parking too far away from the kerb under new measures targeted at drivers causing obstructions

Double parking and parking with tyres on the pavement will also be subject to the new penalty.

Darren Miller, from BigWantsYourCar.com said: “The UK government has proposed changes to how local councils manage revenue from certain moving traffic violations, like driving in bus lanes or box junctions. Currently, councils can retain any surplus funds after covering enforcement costs.

“However, there are concerns that some councils may be improperly targeting these violations to generate income rather than for legitimate traffic management.

The fines are being introduced by Sheffield Council but local authorities across England have the power to fine motorists for offences, up to a maximum of £70 a pop, or £130 in London.

Drivers who park across people’s driveways could also be hit with the fine, Sheffield Council said.

It comes after the South Yorkshire authority conducted a consultation and found that almost three-quarters of those surveyed had seen cars obstructing pedestrians or parking on driveways.

Under new rules set to be introduced later this month, any amount issued in penalties to drivers by local councils over £70 (£130 in London) must be surrendered to central government in order to curb councils from ‘improperly targeting’ motoring violations to raise funds.

“Under the proposed new rules, any surplus revenue from these specific offences would need to be paid to the Treasury instead of being kept by the councils.

“This aims to eliminate any perception that councils are issuing fines primarily as a revenue source rather than for safety reasons, similar to how speeding fine revenues are handled at the national level. The fines in question can generally be up to £70, but up to £130 in London, so significant amounts are involved.”


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