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UK could allow vaccinated passengers to travel from the end of June after G7 talks


Although no progress on the traffic light system is expected to be announced before the Government decides on its domestic policy, there is hope the meeting in Cornwall will give an impetus to a restart.

The UK announced this morning a Transatlantic Taskforce to help facilitate the reopening of UK-US travel following President Joe Biden’s arrival in Cornwall.

The plans to begin working on resuming travel with the US come after airline bosses issued a joint call for the travel corridor between the countries to restart immediately.

There are hopes that the G7 leadership summit this week can give fresh impetus to a restart on travel in the UK.

An industry source said: “We see no reason why the UK should not allow fully vaccinated passengers to travel from June 28, and we hope that will be discussed at the G7.”


Airline alliances urged G7 yesterday to agree on common travel standards to enable the safe opening of borders.

The global airline alliances SkyTeam, Oneworld and Star Alliance released a statement yesterday calling on G7 Governments to agree on travel rules.

The companies, which collectively represent two-thirds of global air capacity, insisted that fully vaccinated passengers should be exempt from quarantine.

Kristin Colvile at SkyTeam, Rob Gurney at Oneworld, and Jeffrey Goh of Star Alliance together said in a statement: “International air travel and tourism are vital to the global economy.

“With considerable data now available to support government decisions in managing risks, decisive action from G7 members to open borders and support clear, consistent, and data-driven measures, would remove uncertainty, particularly around testing and quarantine.”

They said that “varying and often fast-changing rules and procedures create confusion and stress for travellers.”

The statement added: “Vaccination will have a key role in the restart of international air travel and tourism.

“We strongly advocate for governments to accept accredited vaccination as a safe and appropriate reason to avoid quarantines.”

After the US-UK Taskforce annuoncement, CEO of Virgin Atlantic Shai Weiss said: “The creation of the Atlantic Taskforce is positive recognition of the importance of the UK-US travel corridor and a first step towards reopening the skies.

“We urge Prime Minister Johnson and President Biden to use the G7 Summit to move the US to the UK’s ‘green list’ and repeal the 212F proclamation for UK travellers to the US immediately, and no later than the July 4.

“Vaccinated travellers to and from the UK should be free from testing and quarantine, consistent with the approach taken by the US and the EU enabling trade, travel and free movement to resume.

Ther next green list review after that will be on July 19, a second review of the traffic light system will take place by the end of July and another green list review by August 9.


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