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UK braced for 'space war' as Russia fires fearsome weapon – satellites could be shot down


In response, the RAF is developing weaponry that will equip it for a space conflict against Russia. Today, an RAF defence command paper outlined £16.5 billion to be invested in new technologies for military operations in space. The force has successfully tested anti-satellite weapons to block space-based Russian military operations.

The developments come after RAF senior officer Sir Mike Wigstone urged Britain to catch up with Russian military expansion into space.

He warned Russian president Putin could exploit the UK’s “complete reliance” on space-based satellites for our society.

Mr Wigstone said Russia has now tested anti-satellite weapons, including explosive ground-to-space missiles.

Russia’s anti-satellite weapon, the PL19 Nudol, is launched from a mobile rocket launcher on earth.

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Of these satellites, 5 percent are UK-registered.

The RAF’s Air Chief Marshal Wigston said: “Russia has developed its anti-satellite capability, against its own satellites so far, having watched the UK and US operations and realised our complete reliance on space.”

Now, following on from the US initiative to create a Space Force, the UK has formed the Space Command, which comes under the control of the RAF.

The UK’s Space Command will allow Britain to defend the UK’s interests in space.

In 2022, the RAF’s Space Command intends to launch its first rocket into space.

The advanced military forces of the world rely on communications through satellites.

The UK’s units of soldiers, military vehicles, and aircraft all use the US-produced Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation system.

GPS is not just used by the military, but civilian activity around the world, and in the UK rely on it.

The new Russian missiles for targetting satellites could destroy the GPS system, bringing much of daily life to a halt.


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