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Trump is gone and Biden is gathering steam. But now's not the time to stop worrying.


For those of us accustomed to doom-scrolling through dire news stories and bulletins during nightly bouts of insomnia, this should be a time of hope, or at least less dread. Donald Trump is out of office and if President Joe Biden did nothing else in his next four years, his legacy would be assured by the new $1.9 trillion COVID relief law — a poverty-fighting rebuke to “trickle-down economics” that sends money directly where it’s needed instead of to rich “job creators” with demanding shareholders.

As if that alone weren’t enough to warm the most nerve-wracked liberal heart, the Senate has confirmed more than 20 of Biden’s Cabinet-level appointees, including 10 women and 11 men and women of color. Beyond COVID, Biden himself is making fast moves on everything from infrastructure investment to the U.S. Postal Service to federal judges and a top Supreme Court prospect. And he may have set a land-speed record for executive orders to reverse actions by his predecessor. 

Still, this is no time to stop worrying.

Majority could vanish in an instant

For a while, there was a whole genre of “sluggish start” narratives that detailed all the reasons Biden was trailing other presidents — Trump’s insistence that he won an election he lost, which hampered the transition, built to a deadly attack on the Capitol and led to a second Trump impeachment trial in the Senate, plus two Jan. 5 special elections in Georgia that left Senate control undecided until results were certified Jan. 19 — over two weeks after the rest of the new Congress had been sworn in.


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