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Travellers who haven’t had Covid jab ‘will have to isolate for ten days and take two PCR tests’ under new travel rules


UNVAXXED Brits could be forced to quarantine and have two PCR tests when returning from holiday, it has been revealed.

In a major shake-up to the Covid restrictions, the government is expected to make a number of changes to the travel rules, including the scrapping of the traffic light system.


Brits without both Covid jabs are expected to face more travel restrictions[/caption]

However, the rules are expected to get tighter for anyone who has not had both jabs.

This includes a strict 10-day quarantine when returning from any country, as well as two PCR tests, one on day two and one on day eight, according to the Telegraph.

It is hoped that this will encourage Brits to get fully vaccinated, as those with both jabs will be able to avoid the expensive tests.

All-Party Future of Aviation group’s Henry Smith said: “A decision needs to be made without any further delay because that is what the industry requires.

“It is draconian for the unvaccinated, but I can see where the Government is coming from, that if you want to travel internationally, getting vaccinated is the best thing to do. It doesn’t prevent people from travelling.”

Instead, vaxxed Brits will be able to skip the pre-departure test entirely, and just pay for a lateral flow on day two – a much cheaper option than PCR tests.

The swabs will cost about £30 as the free NHS kits will not be accepted but the changes will save about £100 in testing costs per traveller.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is also expected to announce the end of the traffic light system in favour of a go/no-go list.

And the red list that bans travel to 62 countries will be more than halved when all of the new measures kick in before half-term next month.

All current amber list countries could effectively become green – or ‘go’ destinations –while the number of red list, or ‘no-go’ countries, are set to be slashed in half.

It means some popular holiday spots, such as Turkey, Mexico and Tunisia, could be declared safe.

Red list countries will still require a mandatory 10-day hotel quarantine as well as Covid tests during the isolation period.

It is hoped that all of the new rule changes will be enforced in time for the October half-term, in a boost for family holidays abroad.

Vaccinated Brits are expected to be able to travel with far fewer tests

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