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Travel expert forecasts international holidays possible in Summer 2021 'But we need tests'


Ms Messina, the managing director of the World Travel & Tourism Council, told Times Radio that it should be possible to travel safely on holiday this summer. But she said in order to reopen travel to foreign countries testing must be ramped up similarly to the levels seen in schools. She also said wearing face masks will continue but host Gloria De Piero questioned the expert on the logistics of socially distancing on a plane.

The travel director said: “Testing will be very important even after the vaccine rollout in major countries.

“We know the government has been looking at a framework in terms of a stoplight system for countries depending on their infection rate.”

She called for similar testing and mask-wearing programme deployed in British schools to be brought in for air travel.

Ms Messina also added how the travel lists the British government brought in last summer were “changing every week” and “became very very disruptive” for the travel industry and that’s why testing is “so important.”

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But host Gloria del Piero questioned the plausibility of the claims and how suitable they would be for travellers.

She said: “You can’t social distance on an aeroplane, can it be safe?”

Ms Messina replied: “Social distancing and mask-wearing will continue to be important whether a passenger has been vaccinated or not.

“Ultimately it’s the individual that’s carrying the virus, not the whole country.”

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Health experts across France have pleaded with French President Emmanuel Macron to lockdown Paris now or face a catastrophic ICU overload.

Speaking to France24, one expert warned France warned that if Paris is not locked down immediately there will be 30 percent more patients in critical care compared to during the first wave.

The news comes as Spain said the EU digital vaccine certificates will be ready in June at the latest.

The passports will allow tourists who have received the vaccine to travel freely across Europe if they can present the passport to border staff.


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