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Toyota confirms two popular models are incompatible with new E10 petrol after major change


Toyota said all cars produced in European markets since 1998 “will be compatible with E10 petrol” except for two Avensis vehicles. One of the models affected was still being produced until October 2008.

If drivers are completely unsure of whether they can use the fuel, Toyota urges drivers to continue using E5 fuel.

Toyota also recommends drivers of imported models which were not sold in Europe should contunue using E5.

They said they were currently “investigating” whether imported cars could use E10 fuel after several queries from owners.

Toyota has also confirmed the change will not affect owners of diesel-powered cars as the E10 changes will only affect petrol pumps.

Within days of E10 fuel launching, Toyota has received hundreds of comments on their website with drivers desperate to learn information on whether their car is affected.

Toyota UK has even offered to look into whether individual vehicles are affected if drivers are struggling to find details in their handbook or fuel cap.

The Department for Transport has even urged drivers to contact vehicle manufacturers directly for information on specific models.

However, those who want a quick answer can use the Government’s compatibility checker online.

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