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Towie’s Chloe Brockett breaks down in tears and QUITS social media saying she’s ‘drained’ by Gatsby drama


THE Only Way is Essex star Chloe Brockett has broken down in tears and quit social media saying she’s “drained”.

The 20-year-old has been forced to deny kissing her co-star Liam Gatsby after his girlfriend Dani Imbert threw out accusations on social media.


Chloe Brockett broke down in tears[/caption]


She has come off social media[/caption]

Chloe has been rowing with the couple after rumours swirled around Essex about their relationship.

“I have never in my life kissed Gatsby, ever,” Chloe told her fans in an emotional Instagram video.

“If people want to say otherwise, that’s fine.

“I feel so drained…”

She started to burst into tears, adding: “I am so drained by this show and the constant needing justify myself to people.

“I hate getting upset, but I’m so f***ing drained. I know who I am is a person. This is the first time it’s a lie.

“I’m coming off social media for the night because I actually feel so drained.

“I feel like I’ve spent so long being so honest and so transparent with everyone.

“To have people telling me what I have and haven’t done is so hurtful because I know I’ve done nothing. I’ve never kissed him in my life and would own up to it.

“I would own up to it, it’s just a kiss. But I haven’t and that’s why I’m getting so upset.”

After Chloe posted the teary video online, Dani came on social media to defend herself.

“I’d like to say I could not bully someone even if I tried,” she insisted.

“It’s not in my nature. I could never make up lies or bully someone. It’s just not me, unlike other people.

“Anything I’ve said is factual whether it’s been owned up to or not.

“I’m not going to feel bad about making someone else feel like that when they’ve been making others feel like that for years.”

Later the reality star’s rival Chloe posted a follow-up message to fans defending Towie’s after-care.

It read: “I love being on Towie more than anything and I rarely cry, however I feel like there are certain people that are intent on smashing me down…

“Tonight I feel so sad, but tomorrow I’ll feel fine and come back fighting.

“I’ll be off social media for the night.

“I’m not drained of Towie, I’m drained of constantly having to explain myself.”

Chloe added: “And also before people start dragging Towie and there aftercare, that isn’t the problem.

“They are nothing but supportive and amazing with me.”

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