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Towel folding expert shows best way to fold towels – Britons have been doing it wrong


The presenter shared a 30 second towel folding hack which folds the towel up into a small roll, which makes it easier to store. The hack has been going viral on social media site TikTok, with users sharing their handy tips and tricks.

One TikTok user shared the hack to her page last year and it has been viewed more than five million times since.

The caption on the video read: “Bring the spa home to you. This type of fold is space-saving for storage and also looks luxe in your bathroom.”

The user also shared a separate video on different sized towels, all with the same technique. 

One fan commented on the video: “Omg I must try this, it looks so good.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the viral towel rolling technique.

One person said: “Might just rearrange the airing cupboard and see if this creates more space. Can I get three shelves of towels into two?”

Another commented: “I do everything wrong according to some, that must definitely be on the list.”

Others weren’t so convinced of the towel hack.

“I don’t care how they’re folded, just as long as they do their job,” another explained.

Other things that have been going viral include the Little Moons mochi ice cream treats.

The bite sized Japanese treat comprises of creamy gelato ice cream in a layer of mochi dough that has a soft and chewy texture.

Flavours include coconut, passionfruit, Belgian chocolate and pistachio.

They became so popular on TikTok that fans were having trouble finding them in their local supermarket.

Co-founder of Little Moons, Howard Wong said: “The Little Moons TikTok craze started with some creators, perhaps suffering from a bit of lockdown fatigue, filming themselves going on an adventure to ‘big Tesco’ in search of our mochi ice cream.  

“And the novelty of that, combined with just how delicious Little Moons are resulted in thousands of people doing the same.

“It’s been incredible to watch this go viral and seeing how much people are loving Little Moons. 

“Our sales have gone up exponentially and we’re seeing empty shelves across all of our retailers which we’re rushing to re-stock so we don’t disappoint people trying to get their hands on their Little Moons.”


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