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Tourists warned to 'look out' for one huge scam in Spanish holiday hotspot

Tourists visiting a famous holiday spot in Spain have been warned to “look out” for one huge scam as the summer season approaches.

Local police in Spain’s Benidorm are reportedly using a using a variation on one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines to warn beach goers about buying drinks and ice creams from illegal hawkers, reports Olivia Press. 

According to the Benidorm ordinance, illegal sellers can be fined up to €3,000 (£2,500). 

The lateros and cuberos are common on the resort’s Poniente and Levante beaches in the early mornings of the peak summer season.

New vendors appear to pop up as soon as police have got rid of others.

According to the officers, the customers may not be aware of how dangerous some of the drinks might be. 

Stating an example, the officer continued, being an mojito mixed on the spot as an instant thirst-quencher for visitors lazing on the sand.

With this in mind, posters featuring the line “thirst or not, that is not the question” have been put up as a humorous twist on Hamlet’s famous speech, “to be or not to be, that is the question.”

Whether this pun will be effective is uncertain, but the police have highlighted the safety concerns of purchasing food or drink from unregulated vendors, as it may not meet health standards.

Meanwhile, in another ban, tourists in Benidorm are also not allowed to sleep on the sand during these hours, and those who break the rules could be fined between £640 and £1,020. 

It’s been warned that going onto the beach (including swimming) between midnight and 7am could result in a fine of £640 to £1,020.

Moreover, sleeping or camping on the beach could lead to a fine of £1,020. Leaving parasols and towels to reserve a spot could result in a fine of £128, while playing ball games outside designated areas could lead to a fine of £102.

There are also penalties for other activities like swimming when the red flag is flying fine £850 – and stripping off on a non-nudist beach – fine £553. Peeing in the sea fine £128 – is also listed, along with using soap and shampoo at the beach showers – fine up to £553.


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