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Tourist has car flooded after parking in harbour despite being told not to


With summer fast approaching motorists will start looking for heatwave getaways. However, not being familiar with the locations drivers plan to visit may have some disadvantages. One motorist has found out about it the hard way.

A tourist visiting Borth Y Gest in Gwynedd, North Wales decided to beat the parking queues by parking in a nearby harbour.

The visitor ignored the advice of the locals and drove into the harbour in Borth y Gest just before high tide.

A witness told Daily Post that the holidaymaker drove down the slipway into the harbour just before seawater started to rise.

Another witness joked: “Sadly he’d not heard that both time and tide wait for no man.”

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The organisation also confirmed that no one was injured in the incident.

But, the vehicle did cause some serious damage to the landscape.

Many people took to the comments section to express their shock.

One person wrote: “So devastated for everyone involved. No one does that deliberately and just so glad no one got hurt. A sad lesson for us all.”

A second added: “Glad no one got hurt. I always park in gear just in case my handbrake ever fails.”

Others weren’t so understanding.

One user wrote: “Muppets – I’m allowed to say this because it happened to us also: dropping a car off the banks of the Colorado River in Arizona. We were muppets too.

“Good no one was injured!”

While another commented: “Quite careful and considerate parking by campervan standards.”

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