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Tourism fury as Prague proposes 'ridiculous' ban to deter British stag parties

Prague, renowned for its vibrant nightlife, has sparked controversy with a proposed ban on fancy dress attire, aimed at deterring British stag and hen parties.

The move, intended to curb noise pollution and maintain the city’s ambience, has drawn sharp criticism from industry insiders and local officials alike.

Matt Mavir, the managing director of Last Night of Freedom, a prominent stag and hen do organiser, condemned the proposal as “ridiculous, unworkable, and slightly embarrassing”.

Mavir, with 25 years of experience in the industry, emphasised the impracticality of enforcing such a ban and questioned its necessity, citing existing laws to address offensive behaviour.

“Stag and hen dos are the bedrock of a healthy tourism industry, especially when properly organised,” Mavir said, highlighting the economic benefits and vibrancy these events bring to Prague.

He urged city officials to reconsider, cautioning against alienating a valuable market and risking harm to the tourism sector.

Adam Zábranský, representing the Prague 1 district, echoed concerns over the ban’s effectiveness, labelling it as excessive.

While acknowledging frustrations with rowdy behaviour, Zábranský stressed the need for a more nuanced approach to address the issue without resorting to blanket prohibitions.

The proposal comes amid a broader trend across Europe, with cities like Amsterdam also grappling with measures to manage the influx of tourists.

However, critics argue that such restrictions risk tarnishing the reputation of these destinations and deterring visitors without addressing underlying issues effectively.

Prague, long celebrated as a nightlife capital, remains a favoured destination for British travellers, attracting nearly 200 stag and hen groups weekly. Despite debates over-regulation, the allure of the city’s cultural heritage and diverse attractions continues to draw visitors seeking unforgettable experiences.


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