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Topless Land Rover driver goes on rampage through Surrey town hitting teen motorcyclist and smashing into several cars


A TOPLESS Land Rover driver mowed down a teenage motorcyclist and smashed into several cars during an unbelievable rampage through a quiet town in Surrey.

The maniac motorist left a massacre of cars in his wake, much to the horror of locals, in Godalming on Friday night.


The shirtless motorist wreaked havoc in Godalming, Surrey on Friday night[/caption]


A teen motorcyclist was caught up in the carnage and left lying motionless after he was hit by the driver[/caption]


The blue Land Rover smashed into several vehicles during the carnage[/caption]

Shocking footage shows the blue Land Rover crash into a stationary car before carelessly continuing onto the main road – where an unsuspecting teen motorcyclist was travelling past.

The vehicle horrifyingly slammed into the biker on the A3100 road, seeing the youngster hurtle over the bonnet and into the road.

He lay motionless on the ground outside the Leathern Bottle pub, as the loony driver casually reversed and drove away.

Stunned residents can be heard screaming at the driver to get out of the car and call time on what they dubbed his “rampage”.

The 90-second clip, that has caused a storm on social media, shows the Land Rover storming across grass verges with no lights on and no apparent control of the car – with L plates stuck on the back.

The shirtless driver was seen slamming into stationary cars as the carnage began, before venturing onto the main road to perform a disastrous U-turn in the middle of a junction.

He then heads back onto the verge at speed, as terrified locals watch on.

The 4×4 repeatedly struck a convertible car parked up on the street, as one furious bystander cries: “He’s done it again! My f***ing motor!”

The driver then heads into a car park behind the pub to turn around and again smashes into the soft top – shoving it off the road.

After pulling out and colliding with the motorcyclist, he manages to haul the now battered blue jeep a few more yards and hits the side of a Vauxhall Vivaro van.

The shirtless man climbs out of the car and unbelievably tells the crowd: “My steering lock’s broke,” before retrieving some items from the boot.

An off-duty nurse who was at the Leathern Bottle pub, aided the injured motorcyclist, said to be a 17-year-old boy, until paramedics arrived.


He was rushed to hospital but his family shared an update on a local Facebook page explaining he had been released and suffered no major injuries.

The post read: “We wish to thank all those involved in the care of our son after he was involved in the RTA on Friday.

“We would like to thank the Fire Service for their care, Elaine and the staff at The Leathern Bottle. 

“The wonderful nurse (did not get a name) who stayed with our son until the paramedic arrived. Godalming Naval club and all those who were there to support.

“Our son is ok, he has been extremely lucky. THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough but it seems that is all we can say.”

The Sun Online have approached Surrey Police for comment.


He carelessly careered straight into an unsuspecting teen motorcyclist[/caption]


Frantic locals watched on in horror as the Land Rover careered over grass verges[/caption]

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