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Topless Extinction Rebellion protester vows to continue after being ‘fat shamed’


Laura Amherst, aged 31, joined Extinction Rebellion protests in London last month to “draw attention to the threat of climate change”. However, the mother-of-one, from Brighton, has faced online trolling over her activism.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “Recently I was fat-shamed, people have said, ‘You’ve got so many rolls on your body I don’t want to have to see that’.

“They love to rip into me because I have fake boobies and say, ‘Oh, she must be a horrid person looking for attention,’ but they have me all wrong.

“I’m getting attention because unfortunately, our society likes women with blonde hair, who are pretty and have big boobs.

“People say, ‘Oh, she’s getting her t**s out, this Barbie-like girl must be desperate to be an influencer,’ but that’s not my hope at all.”

Extinction Rebellion launched a two-week campaign of disruption in August, demanding more Government action over climate change.

Demonstrators blocked bridges and roads, glued themselves to a McDonald’s restaurant and erected a giant pink table in Oxford Circus.

Scotland Yard said police made 508 arrests, in London alone, relating to the protests.

Ms Amherst defended civil disobedience, arguing the disruption is far less than climate change could cause.

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“We really don’t want to be doing this but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the threats that are happening right now and are going to happen.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist spoke about the difficulty of policing Extinction Rebellion events whilst being interviewed for Times Radio, on Friday, September 3.

He said: “It’s not the number of protesters but it’s the level of serious disruption that they’re looking to cause, which is impacting on other Londoners.

“We’ve said right from the start, we know that Extinction Rebellion have the right to protest and the right to assemble.

“But what we also made clear is these are qualified rights and they have got to be balanced against the rights of the rest of London and Londoners, the people, the businesses, the communities who want to lawfully go about their business.”

Earlier this week activists from Insulate Britain, a separate group, targeted the M25 motorway causing hours of delays.

Ms Amherst, who is studying politics at the Open University, said her topless activism is motivated by concern for her daughter.

She stated: “I hope my daughter is proud of the efforts I’ve made when she gets older.

“I want to provide her with a happy, carefree childhood and I am deeply concerned about how life will be for her.

“I don’t have a lot of money and if our house was affected by climate change we couldn’t afford another.”

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