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Topless Extinction Rebellion protester vows hunger strike – 'I'm prepared to die for this'


Laura Amherst, 31, hit the headlines during the recent protests, as she chose to demonstrate topless. Ms Amherst, from Brighton, has since filmed herself reading a letter to the Prime Minister – pointing the blame at the Government who she feels are not doing enough to stop the “climate emergency”.

The mum-of-one has expressed concerns for the future of the planet, saying carbon emissions must be reduced to protect the children of the future.

But, in a step further, Ms Amherst declared that, until a response is given to the letter, she will not eat anything.

She said: “I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks.

“It’s going to be extremely dangerous for me and I am taking a massive gamble with my life, but I feel like I have to do something and I have to try.

“I’m really scared about it, but I am going to do it.”

Ms Amherst started an OnlyFans account in an attempt to raise funds for the campaign.

As part of her hunger strike, Ms Amherst has called on her 18,000 Instagram fans to spread the word that she is refusing to eat until the Government responds.

As well as this, the 31-year-old hopes people will gain an understanding from her Instagram about why she is choosing to go on the hunger strike.

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However, it has been fair to say that the mum-of-one has gained a lot of attention since her unique style of protesting went viral.

Speaking to The Sun, Ms Amherst she had been told what she was doing is “attention-seeking”, and that the only reason she is doing it is she “wants to be an influencer”.

She said: “Recently I was fat-shamed, people have said, ‘You’ve got so many rolls on your body I don’t want to have to see that’.

“Others have called me ‘disgusting’ and someone even said ‘I’ll turn vegan if you let me motorboat them’.

“They love to rip into me because I have fake boobies and say, ‘Oh, she must be a horrid person looking for attention,’ but they have me all wrong.”

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