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Top mechanic’s simple £10 fix for ‘easy to overlook’ petrol and diesel issue 

Top car mechanic Scotty Kilmer has shown motorists a simple solution available for less than £10 which can fix an “easy to overlook” issue in petrol and diesel vehicles.

Mr Kilmer urged road users to regularly check their radiator cap for damage to prevent coolant from leaking out. 

A damaged cap could cause havoc to key components with a simple five-minute check or a cheap replacement likely to save drivers a lot of issues down the line. 

Replacement car fuel caps can be purchased online for as little as £5.99 making it affordable for all motorists.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Scotty said: “Today I’m going to show you why you should check your car’s radiator cap once in a while. 

“Your car’s radiator system is under pressure. In this case 16 pounds per square inch (PSI). 

“Just like the soda can, it’s under pressure when you open the cap by clicking it. It lets all the pressure out.

“That’s why you never take the radiator cap off on a hot engine because then the pressures are gone and the coolant will boil out all over the place. 

“A radiator cap has rubber seals and little springs inside. They wear out over time. So if it’s worn out the coolant will evaporate out of the system.

“Either on the top or it will follow this overflow and bubble out of the container. So If you want your coolant to stay inside your radiator, just change your cap every five or six years.”

YouTube viewers praised Scotty for the simple advice with many suggesting they had been caught out by issues with their radiator caps. 

@chadslater3521 posted: “I recently just learned the hard way about this. Apparently, the gaskets were really bad, my car started to overheat. I hope this video finds more people, saves them a lot of time, money.”

@MTony002 commented: “Scotty… the hero we never knew we needed, but damn glad he’s here!”

@lastcall9998 added: “Scotty, idk what we would do without you. Honest.”

@lotus956 reacted: “I keep forgetting how common sense on cars isn’t common to people that have never popped a hood before.”

@jeanclaude7018 said: “Easy to overlook. I found coolant dripping, and my cap gaskets had just split over time.”

BookMyGarage, the leading service and repair comparison site in the UK, warned drivers had to take precautions and should not touch the cap hours after a car has come to a standstill.

They explained: “Be sure to wait for the engine to cool before checking the coolant. It boils as you drive, and will release scalding hot steam out of the radiator cap.

“What’s more, you will create a sudden change in temperature and pressure which can crack the engine block. Check your coolant before you switch the engine on or at least two hours after you switch it off.”


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