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Top Mechanic warns drivers about fuel feature that could be costly to replace

Leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer explained the possible downsides of capless fuel-filling systems which feature in many popular vehicles. 

Capless technology makes it harder for road users to accidentally pour the wrong fuel into a car as the nozzle will only fit its certain design. 

However, Scotty warned road users could be forced to splash out “a lot of money” to replace the tool if it goes faulty in a major blow for some petrol and diesel owners. 

The leading mechanic stressed the repairs could even cost as much as twenty times more than a traditional fuel cap.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Scotty said: “Today I’m going to talk about these crazy capless gas filling systems. 

“It looks like somebody forgot to put the cap on but no this is a capless system. Why the heck are they doing this? Basically, because they can. 

“It was a great innovation in race cars; they could put the gas in faster and go without having to wait to put the cap on. But really you’re not driving a race car. 

“Now unlike a gas cap, if it goes bad you can just go and buy another one and put it on. With these, you have to replace these assemblies. 

“It isn’t just that they cost a lot of money, it’s that you have to take a lot of it apart to access and replace them.

“Then in some cars… you have to buy the whole assembly and it’s going to cost you 300-500 bucks instead of buying a $15 gas cap.” 

YouTube viewers quickly backed up Scotty’s argument with many suggesting they were not a fan of the system. 

@asimpson164 posted: “Just another system of siphoning customer money back to the dealership.”

@heroknaderi commented: “Hi Scotty I absolutely agree with you. This is definitely a silly design. I just stick with the standard gas cap.”

@matthewnelson1420 remarked: “Exactly why vehicles keep getting more and more ridiculously expensive.”

However, others seemed to defend the capless fuel filler as they explained the reasons behind the new technology. @busa89 added: “I don’t know anyone who has had an issue with this lol.”

@richards6431 remarked: “Capless tank is designed to prevent people from siphoning off gas. You need to use a special funnel to fill up from the gas can.” 


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