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Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson says selling classic BMW 3.0 CSL was ‘absolutely idiotic'


The former Top Gear frontman was asked what his worst car purchasing decision has been up to this stage in his career. However, Mr Clarkson claimed he has never bought a car he didn’t like but does regret selling one of his former models so cheaply.

He said he sold the classic 3.0 Litre car for just £3,000 despite some models now being valued at more than £130,000.

Speaking to DriveTribe, he said: “The worst car purchase decision I ever made wasn’t a car purchasing decision at all.

“I don’t think I’ve ever bought a car I didn’t like.

“But I sold a BMW 3.0 litre CSL for, I don’t know, next to nothing – like £3,000. That was idiotic, absolutely idiotic.”

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Only 1,039 CSL’s were ever built with just 500 of these built with a right-hand drive configuration for UK use.

The car initially used the same engine as the 3.0 CS predecessor but was given a small increase to produce 3,003cc,

This was done in 1972 to allow the car to be raced in the over three-litre racing categories across Europe.

Silverstone Auctions have previously said: “Visually indistinguishable from its more ‘run of the mill’ relations, the CS and CSi, the 3.0 CSL (Coupé Sport Leicht) was creative homologation at its best.

The final version of the 3.0 CSL included a tall rear wing which gave the model the nickname of the “batmobile”.

However, this was not installed at the factory as they were illegal to run on German roads.

Instead, the parts were left in the boot for installation after the model was purchased.


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