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Tony Blair’s car tax proposals will ‘go down like a lead balloon’ and hit drivers ‘hard'


The former Prime Minister has called for a new road pricing structure that will charge drivers each time they use the roads. Mr Blair said a new pay-by-mile approach was a once-in-a-century opportunity” and would deal with the real “social costs of driving”.

However, experts at FairFuelUK have attacked the proposals warning the updates would “hit the economy hard”.

Instead, they have called for the Tony Blair Institute to call for the 2030 petrol and diesel car ban to be scrapped.

FairFuelUK also claims “all road users” will soon have to contribute some road tax, including cyclists.

They said: “Road pricing will go down like a lead balloon with the world’s already highest taxed drivers.

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“Unless the Treasury and the DfT (Department for Transport) substantiate we’ll not be paying any more tax than now, plus big brother must never track our vehicle’s every move.

“Controversially as Fuel Duty revenue plummets, all road users will have to contribute fairly to the Exchequer, which means electric vehicles and cyclists paying tax too.”

The Tony Blair Institute said there was “real urgency” to introduce tax changes to avoid “political problems”.

They warned drivers will purchase electric cars “on the assumption” they will be cheap to use forever.

The Department for Transport has previously said they will need to ensure revenue from motoring taxes keeps pace with changes on the road.

They said any changes to the tax system are currently being considered by the Chancellor but they have not confirmed this would be a road pricing structure.

Last year, the DfT said any further steps will be announced “in due course”.

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