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Tonga tsunami horror sparks urgent search for missing Briton last seen with husband


Angela Glover, 50, was declared missing after waves rushed through Tonga following a volcanic eruption which triggered shockwaves across the island. Ms Glover, who runs an animal shelter in the small country, has now been missing for an estimated 48 hours, her brother said. Although there have been no confirmed casualties, Ms Glover’s brother, Nick Eleini, said he fears for the safety of his sister.

He said his sister’s husband, James, was washed away when the tsunami hit.

His sister was washed away with the couple’s dogs as they were housesitting on the west coast of Tongatapu, Tonga’s main island.

Mr Eleini told The Guardian: “What are we, 48 hours later? I don’t think this is going to have a happy ending.

“The tsunami hit around 5.30pm local time, I believe.

“Angela and her husband, James, got washed away.

“James was able to cling on to a tree for quite a long time, but Angela was unable to do so and was washed away with the dogs, I think four or five dogs.

“They were housesitting a house on the west coast of the island.

“James went back to their proper house on the south coast of the island, but Angela didn’t turn up. James contacted the police and the British embassy there, where he was able to notify us of what happened.

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On Saturday afternoon, waves up to 1.2 metres washed through the island.

Aid organisations have warned thousands could be affected by the natural disaster.

The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said it is assisting UK nationals and their families who have been affected by the disaster.

Ms Glover had worked in London before moving to the Pacific with her husband in 2015.

Her brother concluded: “She always wanted to travel the South Pacific, and she’s always been drawn to swimming with whales, and Tonga’s one of the places that you can do that.

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