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Tom Jones shares impressive advice that his 25-year-old self might not have believed


Sir Tom Jones, 80, teased the upcoming release of his 41st studio album on 23 April called Surrounded by Time, which is set to be full of his own rendition of famous classics. Ahead of it’s debut, he shared a video on Twitter telling his younger self “not to worry” about anything as he’s still got it despite being 80-years-old.

Sir Tom rose to fame in the 1960s, with his career hitting a high almost immediately with a string of top-ten hits.

In the footage, The Voice UK judge clutched his first debut album Along Came Jones from 1965, which included his massive hit single It’s Not Unusual.

He had recorded the album at the ripe age of 25 and the nostalgia prompted him to share a little advice with himself.

“I was just thinking, I’m releasing an album called Surrounded By Time, so I thought, time… I’m 80 years old now and I’m looking at this album that I recorded when I was 25,” he began, as one of his new songs One More Cup of Coffee, played in the background.

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He added: “I was about 10 then, I would imagine, so that was when I first realised that there was money in this!”

Following his financial gain, he spent his money on a trip for his family.

“After that, I had to take my cousins to the pictures because it was a Saturday,” he grinned.

“My mother said, ‘Well, that’s lovely, a cap full of money… You can take your cousins to see a film.’ That was my first ever splurge.”

It wasn’t long after that that the global superstar began to perform at live gigs, where people attended just to see him sing.

The Welshman explained to GQ Magazine: “A lot of people sing in Wales. All my cousins did and I’ve got a lot of them – both of my parents are one of six children.

“All of us lived in Pontypridd and we always had family parties on the weekend, where each of the kids would have a turn to sing.

“If I wasn’t asked early, I used to pull on my mother’s skirts and say, ‘Mam, when are they going to ask me to sing?’ I knew I had this voice, even then.”


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