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Toilet seat stains ‘come off so easily’ in five minutes with 60p item – no need to scrub

Toilet seats are one of the most used places in the house and keeping it clean is an important way to improve hygiene. 

The good news is you don’t need bleach, harsh chemicals, or to spend hours scrubbing to get the cleaning job done.

Embarrassed by the state of their toilet seat, one Facebook user took to the Mrs Hinch Army Facebook page for some toilet cleaning advice.

Sharing a picture of their white toilet seat stained yellow, they said: “Going anonymous through pure embarrassment. Why is the rim of my toilet seat yellow and how do I make it white again?

“The toilet seat isn’t that old and I know it’s a urine stain but I can’t get it white again. Tried the Pink Stuff, Elbow Grease and Mr Muscle. It’s plastic so I don’t think bleach would do anything. Help, I feel so disgusting.”

The majority of group members who commented on the post insisted that no chemicals need to be used on the toilet seat at all to remove the stains. Instead, they recommended a clever cleaning tool – magic eraser sponges.

Jade Collinge wrote: “Magic eraser for sure! I have a toilet-training toddler and it gets mine up like new.”

Many Hill said: “Mine was like that and I tried everything. Then I discovered those magic sponges. They’re amazing stuff.”

Jessica Stapleton wrote: “Magic eraser got rid of it on mine.” Christy Watson commented: “I used a magic eraser gently and it comes off so easily in five minutes.”

Kerri Lewis suggested: “Magic eraser! Don’t bother with the rest of the stuff.” Ruth Fraser said: “Magic eraser worked for us, always leave the seat up when putting bleach down.”

Sara Tapia replied: “I second the magic eraser. No chemicals required and you don’t need to scrub.”

Caitlin Still added: “I use a magic eraser – literally just wipes off! Super easy!”

Magic erasers are a brand name for melamine sponges, which are effective at removing stains and smudges with only water.

Highly rated on Amazon, these Abbey Magic Erasers retail for £5.99 for a pack of 10. This works out as 60p per sponge.

According to their description, these sponges are your “secret weapon against stubborn stains”. 

From tea-stained cups to stainless steel appliances, floors, paintwork, plastics, glass – “there’s no surface they can’t conquer”.


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