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Tiny digger sent to rescue enormous container ship stuck in the Suez Canal


The Ever Given was on its way to the Netherlands from China when it ran aground on Tuesday. At least 150 ships are said to be delayed by the blockage. The shipping crisis in the Suez Canal has inspired a wave of memes on Twitter with some people describing the ongoing rescue mission involving a small digger as “David and Goliath”. 

The 200,000-tonne Ever Given is currently wedged diagonally across the waterway.

Dredgers and diggers have been clearing sand and mud away from the bow of the ship. 

However, there are fears the unblocking may take longer if the ship’s cargo needs to be unloaded.

An attempt to refloat the vessel has so far been unsuccessful. 

The head of a Netherlands-based salvage company assisting the mission warned that it could take weeks to dislodge the boat. 

The Japanese owner of the ship has apologised for the disruption to global trade. 

Around 12 percent of global trade passes through the Suez Canal. 

According to the Suez Canal Authority in 2020 an average of 51.5 ships passed through the canal every day.

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In 2017, a Japanese container ship ran aground following reported mechanical issues. 

However, in this case the Egyptian authorities deployed tug boats and the ship was refloated within hours.


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