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Time to cut internet cords: T-Mobile, Verizon up their bids to be your next home broadband


The new T-Mobile Home Internet service (4G/5G gateway shown at right) is expected to be available across 30 million U.S. households at launch, including a large swath of rural America. It boasts average downloads speeds of about 100 Mbps (uploads are expected to be in the 10-25 Mbps range).

Cord cutting is coming to home internet access, not just pay TV – but not every embittered broadband customer will be able to fire their current provider and switch to residential wireless from T-Mobile and Verizon.

Both carriers offer connectivity at speeds that may not match those of cable internet but should be fast enough for many home uses. They also don’t inflict cable’s data caps or modem-rental fees. What they can’t do yet: match the vast service footprints of incumbent cable providers.

T-Mobile says the $60 5G home internet service it announced April 7 covers “more than 30 million households” across some 1.6 million square miles (the total U.S. land area is 3.5 million). It hasn’t posted a coverage map, so would-be customers must plug in their home addresses at its site to check for service. 


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