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TikToker shares genius homeschooling hack to get out of doing PE- Video


The video was uploaded by Sydney Barnett last month. It is captioned: “Attaching my Apple Watch to my dog so I can get steps to log for my PE class.” Sydney attaches the watch to her dog’s collar and then lets her run wild, ensuring she logs plenty of steps.

The video shows a friend throwing a ball and the dog runs manically up-and-down the garden. Sydney says: “Wow look at her go.”

The video has blown up on TikTok receiving almost eight million views and two million likes. TikTokers were in awe of Sydney’s genius homeschooling hack, one said: “That is the smartest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Another commented: “I am going to start doing this for sure.” A third wrote: “This is genius!”

A follow-up video showed that the cute dog had racked up 904 steps during her back garden burst of exercise.

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Some viewers did voice their concern that Sydney would be busted if her PE teacher saw the viral video. One said: “Your PE teacher watching this like…” followed by a funny face emoji.

Another wrote: “[The] gym teacher’s gonna ask how you got 200,000 steps in one day at home.”

TikTok features thousands of hacks that can make life easier. Including halving your supermarket costs, getting rid of blackheads, cleaning a blender and using baking soda to clean your home.

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You can follow Sydney and her dog here.


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