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Thrilled woman gets Botox and documents the results… but some say she looks ten years OLDER


A WOMAN took showed off the progression of her facial expressions after having botox with regular updates.

TikToker Cerys Tobin uploaded a short video showing her frowning at intervals after the treatment in order to show the difference.


Cerys Tobin uploaded a video of her botox journey[/caption]


She flexed her eyebrows to make lines in her forehead on the first day[/caption]


By the third day the lines were reduced but still visible[/caption]

Initially, before she had the botox, you can see that raising her eyebrows causes a series of furrows over her forehead.

These gradually decrease until the woman can’t scrunch up her forehead at all by the 21 day mark.

The video, uploaded with the caption “My Botox journey” has been viewed a whopping nine million times.

But not everyone who watched it was impressed with the results.

One person said: “You went from looking 20 then 30 real quick.”

While another said: “I just don’t understand why people want to get rid of their literal emotions. It’s not like this girl is 40 and has actual wrinkles.”

And a third said: “Let’s normalise facial expressions… we’ve gone too far.”

It wasn’t all negative however as some people were really impressed by the treatment.

One person said: “Why y’all hating? It looks really good.”

While a second added: “I’m so confused by the comments, it looks so good.”


By day ten Cerys had some movement in her eyebrows but no furrows in her forehead at all[/caption]


By day 18 all signs of lines had completely disappeared[/caption]


And in the final post from day 21 Cerys wasn’t able to raise her eyebrows at all[/caption]

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