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Three household items to help banish pesky weeds growing on your driveway

If you have been battling with stubborn driveway weeds, one man proposed a genius hack to eradicate them for good using basic household ingredients.

Weeds can grow virtually anywhere there are favourable conditions and even lie inactive in soil for years before sprouting. This means you’re likely to constantly engage in combat with these pesky garden invaders.

Rather than forking out cash for toxic and costly weed killers, one individual shared an ingenious method of using simple stuff found in your home to deal with the problem.

Ian Grossman (@realestate_atx), a homeowner himself posted a video on TikTok unveiling how to create an ideal “chemical-free” solution utilising only three items. Distilled white vinegar (a gallon), salt (one cup) and dish soap (a tablespoon) combined in a large pump sprayer were his weapons of choice.

For UK dwellers who can’t make it to “Home Depot”, as Ian suggested, could consider securing a cost-saving sprayer via Amazon, like this highly-rated Spear and Jackson 5 Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer retailing at £13.61 or perhaps the Dirty Pro Tools Garden Sprayer priced at £11.87 from BandQ.

Following the creation of the solution, Ian then sprayed it directly onto the unsuspecting weeds. He did however, caution against indiscriminate spraying as it might potentially damage the lawn or driveway surface.

Homeowners flocked to the comments section, seeking confirmation on the effectiveness of this hack, with one user reassuring: “Yes but only kills the plant not roots. Has to be reapplied monthly but is a lot cheaper and no harmful chemicals.”

Another inquired about the vinegar’s strength, asking: “Aren’t we supposed to use the high % vinegar? And spray in early morning so the sun has more time to do it’s part.”

A helpful viewer responded: “I use 30% and it works wonderfully.”

One grateful user commented: “Thanks for the tip. They sell this concoction at Home Depot too!” to which Ian quickly chimed in: “Wonder how much they charge?”

For those who prefer a ready-to-use product, Amazon offers the Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller 3L for £21.03, while Argos has the Roundup Pump ‘n Go Weed Killer 5L priced at £30. These options are notably more expensive than the ingenious TikTok hack that utilises common household items.


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