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Three easy to-grow flowers to sow this weekend for colourful summer blooms

Growing flowers from seed might be daunting for first-time gardeners, but there are some flowers which are easier for those who are putting their green thumb to use for the first time. In fact, now is the perfect time to start sowing some of these seeds in time for an array of colourful blooms.

“Spring is the perfect time to start growing flowers from seed,” explained the expert team from Gardeners World. “You can sow many of these seeds straight out in the garden, in a patch of bare soil.

“Or, if you don’t have space in the ground, you can grow them in pots and containers too.”

While some flowers can be sown straight outside, you may have to start others off indoors before planting them out into the garden once the warmer weather has arrived.

California poppies

California poppies are beautiful flowers which inject shades of yellow, orange and occasionally even red and pink into your garden. They look particularly nice when interspersed with wildflowers. Gardeners World list them as one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed, even for first-timers.

According to Gardeners’ World: “They’re super easy to grow, flower for months, and readily self-seed, so you get more flowers next year. They’re also loved by bees and other pollinators.”

California poppies can be sown directly outside any time between March and May, making this weekend a prime time to get started. The flowers typically bloom between June and August.


Nasturtium flowers bloom in a selection of orange, red and yellow, and are great for people who love a colourful garden. They can be grown as a climber or amongst beds.

Gardeners’ World said: “They’re also a magnet for bees and are great for growing amongst your veg – they’ll lure white butterflies away from cabbages and aphids away from beans. You can also eat the flowers and leaves and pickle the seeds.”

You can sow Nasturtium seeds directly in the ground outside between March and June, with flowers arriving between June and September. Make sure to give your plants plenty of water and ensure you sow the seeds in a part of your garden that enjoys at least half a day of sunshine.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are pretty, delicate flowers which offer pastel hues of pink, blue, peach and lilac to your garden.

“Sow your sweet peas in pots or empty loo rolls March to May, and plant them out in May to June, for flowers June to October,” said Gardeners World.

These flowers prefer to sit in open, sunny positions and enjoy well-drained but moisture-retentive soil. Sweet peas are well suited to growing in pots, but you should use peat-free compost and a slow-release fertiliser for healthy blooms.


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