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Thousands push back at ‘lunacy’ MOT test changes which may ‘punish’ elderly

Thousands of motorists have rejected new MOT test changes with some branding the move “lunacy” and a “punishment” on the elderly. 

Last month, the DVSA began making major updates to MOT test certificates with some passes no longer printed out. 

DVSA officials stopped handing out physical pass forms for HGV owners from April 29 in the first step towards a new digital approach. 

Instead, road users will have to access details through an online portal which is available 24/7. 

However, Express readers have blasted the changes in a new poll with almost nine in ten pushing back at the move. 

When asked if they liked the concept to not print certificates, a staggering 87.7 percent said they were against the idea. 

Express reader @tyorks said: “I know several elderly people who do not have a mobile phone, are not on the internet or even have a form of IT; why are they being punished?”

@Williamneilson added: “The DVSA seem to have decided to ignore those of us who don’t go digital!”

Others called out the DVSA for making another mistake after previously axing the physical tax disc back in 2014.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that a simple computer glitch could leave motorists in a heap of trouble if they are stopped by police. 

@5054mk2 reacted: “Paper documents in the hands of the holder are source data and should be retained. IT databases are subject to errors, omissions, mistakes and electronic corruption. Sheer lunacy like the abandoning of the tax disc.”

@BritishSovereign stressed: “Getting rid of the tax disc was a disaster. Don’t they ever learn from their mistakes?!”

@CarGuru commented: “So…when you get stopped because the system has no record of your MOT, how do you prove it was done? No good presenting a receipt because that could be a pass or failure.”

The Express poll found 9.8 percent did like the new idea and wanted certificates to move online only. A further 2.5 percent were undecided about their views 

@onceproudtobebritish added: “Let’s hope the cost of the MOT is reduced to show the savings being made. I will not hold my breath though.

@goodqueenmeghan posted: “Absolutely I agree with this, welcome to the 21st century, please keep up, no need for mountains of unnecessary paperwork anymore.”

@fruitypie remarked: “If it can be posted online then why not, why waste the paper if it’s not needed? If people feel that strongly about it then they can print it off at home.”


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