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'This is a work event!' More than 100 protesters in Boris masks dance outside Downing St


More than 100 demonstrators, many of whom wore suits, made their voices heard on Friday night, chanting “my name is Boris” and “this is a work event”.

The Borises danced, sang and waved around bottles of wine outside No 10 after further allegations of drinks gatherings at Downing Street.

No 10 apologised to Buckingham Palace after it emerged that staff had held two separate leaving drinks in April last year.

Claims of the two parties the night before the socially-distanced funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh emerged on Thursday.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said it was “deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning”.

On the evening of April 16, 2020, around 30 Government staff allegedly drank alcohol into the early hours, with one attendee reportedly carrying a suitcase to the Co-op at The Strand to carry back bottles of wine to Downing Street.

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The Prime Minister is said not to have been at any of the two events, which were first reported by The Telegraph.

The same week, however, Mr Johnson admitted he did attend a “bring your own booze” event at Downing Street on May 20, 2020, during the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown.

He told MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions the event in the No 10 garden was “technically within the rules” but he should have realised it would look different to the public.

The protesters outside Downing Street are among many members of the public and politicians expressing their frustration towards the Government’s leadership.

It is believed the event was organised by Norfolk-based YouTuber ‘JaackMaate’, whose real name is Jack Dean.

Norfolk-based Youtuber Jaaack said on Twitter: “We hired 100 Boris Johnson’s and threw a party outside Downing Street…”

The Prime Minister is facing widespread calls for his resignation.

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