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Third vaccine: Matt Hancock says Britain now working on another jab for Covid variants


Matt Hancock told ITV’s This Morning that there could be a third vaccine used in the autumn in order to tackle coronavirus variants that become resistant against the current vaccines used in the UK. This Morning’s co-host Phillip Schofield was left stunned by the admission.

Mr Hancock said: “We are also working on a new vaccine that we might have to roll out in the autumn to give people a third dose that will deal with this problem.

“We are working on that now.”

Mr Schofield replied: “A third jab?”

The Health Secretary added: “There might be a third jab in the autumn, yes.”

Mr Schofield responded: “So no international travel or holidays until the autumn?

“Those variants do exist out there as we know, we have been led to believe that the vaccines that we have are pretty effective against them.

“You say now that there are a couple that you are worried about, where are they?”

The Conservative MP said: “The two that we are most worried about started in South Africa and Brazil.

“They have spread a bit around the world.”

The ITV host then asked: “What is the state of our vaccines against those two variants?”

Mr Hancock replied: “Well, we are not yet sure but we are doing the science and we are watching very closely.”

More to follow…


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