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Thieves violently attack 60-year-old woman and flee with her beloved dog


A 60-year-old woman was walking her rescue dog Archie in Tower Hamlets, East London, when she was violently shoved to the floor by two men. The men unclipped Archie’s lead, threw him into a van and sped off. The traumatised dog owner was left in pain and distraught on the floor. She spent all night walking the streets in search of Archie, who is still missing.

A friend said that the woman was so disturbed by the attack that she was still “shaking violently” 24-hours later.

The attack happened at 5pm on Sunday, May 2. Archie’s owner described the men as white, about 30-years old and both had “stocky” builds.

The friend told the Mirror: “She was walking across a garden space when two men approached her from behind, pushed her violently and she fell to the floor.

“They came round the front, unclipped the dog’s lead, picked the dog up, chucked it in a van and drove off and left her on the floor.

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The friend said: “I think from a distance Archie looks a young dog, and Staffies are popular dogs. But once they get a good look at him they will realise he is actually an old dog. We are hoping that he is dropped at a vets or somewhere and he will be recovered quickly.

“He has been with this family for six years. This family is in pieces, they are not sleeping. I would think the dog is not sleeping. We would appeal to you to bring this dog home and end this pain.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at approximately 5.05pm on Sunday, 2 May to reports of a theft in Norbiton Road, E14. Officers attended and it was reported a woman was pushed to the floor by two men who stole her dog. She received minor injuries. Enquiries are ongoing. No arrests have been made.”


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