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'They want privacy not independence!' SNP slammed for refusing to work with neighbours


Broadcaster and historian Neil Oliver condemned Nicola Sturgeon’s push for independence and said the issue was not about gaining independence but about shutting their door to the UK. Mr Oliver said that while the SNP calls for freedoms they have implemented a controversial hate crime bill which many have criticised for stifling free speech. The Scottish political commentator added that the SNP was not thinking ahead and that it was wrong of them to isolate themselves from their neighbours. 

Speaking on talkRADIO, host Mike Graham said to Mr Oliver: “The problem is as you quite rightly pointed out earlier is that they [SNP] don’t see anybody outside of Scotland as some organisation or firm that they answer to. 

“We’ve asked the Scottish Government for a statement this morning and as yet they still haven’t provided one and I’m sure they’re sitting there thinking why should we provide a statement to this English radio station.”

Neil Oliver: “I would be very surprised if the thinking was anything but that. 

“As I say, I’ve never really thought that the SNP is about independence, the cry freedom nonsense. 

“They’re not about freedom, freedom of speech or anything else that about silencing freedom of speech. 

“And they’re not about independence they’re about privacy, they’re about ‘give us this bit of this island’ so that we can close the door, draw the curtains and go about our business and just be on your way. 

“That is the strategy that’s the thinking of the Scottish National Party.

“And for 14 years in one form or another, that’s the yoke under which the people of Scotland have been living”

The Scottish Conservatives have threatened to table a motion of no confidence in the First Minister before parliament has been dissolved at the end of March. 

The Tories failed to remove Deputy First Minister John Sweeney from office over his involvement in the Alex Salmond inquiry. 

In his conference speech, Mr Ross said: “The evidence against Nicola Sturgeon is overwhelming and mounting up every day. If we allow her to get away with this, then we say that the truth is worthless in Scottish politics.

“We can’t let more than £500,000 wasted, lies to Parliament and the mother of all cover-ups, go without challenge.”


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