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'There is no EU strategy!' French MEP erupts as Brussels cooperation splinters on vaccines


French MEP Jérôme Rivière insisted the European Union was had failed in dealing with the coronavirus crisis. While speaking to Boulevard Voltaire, the French MEP argued France should look at sourcing its coronavirus vaccine from China or Russia. This comes after France joined other EU member states in imposing a temporary ban on the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Mr Rivière said: “There is no European vaccination strategy.

“The EU has tried to substitute different nations by offering a collective contract.

“This is not part of the competences of the EU and it didn’t even work properly as a simple purchasing centre for vaccines.

“Today we are in a particularly unfavourable situation within the EU.”

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The Rassemblement National MEP continued: “One example is the UK, which outside the EU does better at getting its supplies.

“Our strategy is a failure, we don’t even have cooperation between different countries.

“The failure is obvious and I regret it. I would like a national policy so that we also have stocks.

Mr Rivière insisted that France should follow in the footsteps of other European member states and get their vaccine from Russia.

The former MEP tweeted: “Saturday, March 20, World Day Against Restrictions and For Freedom.

“In France, the national event will take place at Place Pierre Laroque, Paris 7, at 3 pm.

“Let’s stop austerity in hospitals, let’s reopen everything, no Health Pass, freedom!”

Other events are expected to be held across the country on Saturday.


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