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The world's smallest island so tiny it's only as big as a tennis court

The world’s smallest island is so tiny it’s only the size of a tennis court, with tourists flocking to catch a glimpse of the eccentric hideaway.

A home on just 3,300 square feet of ground sits on the small plot of land in Alexandria Bay, New York, which has been aptly dubbed Just Enough Room Island.

It’s also known as Hub Island, as is part of the so-called Thousand Islands – of which there are actually over 1,800 along the St. Lawrence River.

Many of them only have room for a single tree, though Hub Island boasts a cosy cottage, a tree and two shrubs.

The picture-perfect spot became a vacation home for the Sizeland family back in 1950 and continues to be a local curiosity decades later.

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“The speck of land squeezes a house and a couple of wrought-iron benches pushed hard up against the shingles onto its banks,” The Washington Post reported in 2010, noting: “One misstep and you’re swimming.”

It didn’t become the world’s smallest inhabited island until 1982 after the lighthouse at previous title holder Bishop Rock became automated.

Travellers to the area should be aware that it continues to be a private property, meaning you can’t actually visit it.

Alexandria Bay is a village in New York state’s Jefferson County, which was originally settled around 1817.

However, Hub Island isn’t the most archipelago by some distance.

That title is held by Atlantic Ocean island Tristan da Cunha, thought to be the most secluded island anywhere.

The hidden community is more than 2,000 km away from Saint Helena, puttin it some distance from any other civilisation.

A mass evacuation had to be carried out after a volano erupted in 1961, though they returned to the island two years later.


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