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The world's most expensive train line costing an incredible £69.7bn with just 13 stations

The Australian Victorian Government’s ambitious plan, the Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop (SRL), has garnered international attention for its staggering cost and comprehensive scope.

With an eye-watering price tag of £69.7 billion, this fully automated rapid transit system is poised to revolutionise commuting in Victoria, Australia – and is the most expensive rail infrastructure project in the world, despite only having 13 stations.

The SRL, spearheaded by Rail Projects Victoria, aims to streamline travel between Melbourne’s suburbs by constructing a 90km (56-mile) rail loop encompassing 13 strategically located stations.

Commuters will enjoy seamless connectivity between major rail lines stretching from the Frankston line to the Werribee line, bypassing the need to traverse through the city center for line connections.

Designed to enhance accessibility to key healthcare, educational, and employment hubs, the project features an underground rail loop linking the eastern and western suburbs via the airport.

The 13 stations along the route include Cheltenham, Clayton, Monash, Glen Waverley, Burwood, Box Hill, Doncaster, Heidelberg, Bundoora, Reservoir, Fawkner, Keilor East, and Broadmeadows.

The ambitious infrastructure project entails the construction of underground lines, railway stations, signalling junctions, and the installation of essential electrical equipment.

It is also expected to generate a staggering 20,000 job opportunities during the construction phase, injecting vitality into the local economy.

With construction that started in June 2022, the SRL project is anticipated to reach completion by 2085, as projected by GlobalData.

Despite the extended timeline, authorities remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering a transformative transit solution for Melbourne’s burgeoning population.


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