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The Walking Dead World Beyond: Scott Gimple teases 'familiar' faces in final season


A second season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set to hit screens before the end of 2021. After the first season expanded AMC’s popular horror franchise years after the events of the original series, chief content officer Scott M. Gimple has teased some exciting cameos and guest appearances in the upcoming finale.

The second and final instalment of The Walking Dead’s second spin-off, World Beyond, could feature several characters from the mainline series.

Set ten years after the zombie apocalypse, the first season premiered last year and introduced fans to a completely new roster of characters.

As well as following the lives of Iris (played by Aliyah Royale) and Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour), the spin-off also delved more into the activity of the mysterious Civic Republic Military (CRM).

Fans were left wondering how the new show could link up with the events of the flagship AMC series, after Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was taken in by the CRM at the end of season nine.

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With an upcoming trilogy of films set to release in the next few years, fans have been hoping for some kind of confirmation for what the former deputy has been doing for all this time.

World Beyond’s exploration of the CRM’s inner workings have also tipped viewers off to a potential connection to the new trilogy.

Having confirmed the new spin-off will end with its second season, expectations are through the roof for the series to answer some big questions regarding the future of TWD.

Thankfully, Gimple also revealed the series will remain grounded, and will largely be concerned with wrapping up the unresolved arcs of the show’s new characters.

He explained: “It’s about growing up; this is a two season show, so these kids have been through a very intense experience where they have to grow up very fast.

“We see these characters change quite a bit, over the course of these ten episodes.”

Season one was met with less than universal acclaim from fans, so it’s hoped World Beyond’s second and last season can get the franchise back on track in time for Rick’s long awaited return.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 will premiere in 2021 on AMC.


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