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The secret about McDonald’s highchairs that even employees were unaware of


A WOMAN has left people stunned after revealing a secret about McDonald’s highchairs.

Cheryl Figgins took to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook to post a picture she’d taken of the highchairs through the window of one of the fast food restaurants.

Cheryl Figgins/Facebook

Cheryl Figgins was stunned when she realised that the highchairs in McDonald’s make the M sign[/caption]

She wrote alongside it: “I am 37 and today just noticed the highchairs in mcd, make the M sign… its the little things that make me smile.”

And Cheryl wasn’t the only person not to have noticed that before.

“Same age finding this out….thanks for informing me haha!!!” one person wrote.

While another added: “I never knew this either and I’m 45!”

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In fact, even one McDonald’s employee was unaware of the highchair reference.

“I never knew this either, and I work at McDonald’s,” Megan Lister commented.

“I never knew this and I’ve had 4 kids,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Don’t have a picture but in my local KFC the backs of the chairs are shaped like the colonels bow tie!”

Others used the comments section of Cheryl’s post to reveal another secret about McDonald’s that people might not have been aware of.

“My daughter pointed out they are 2 bendy fries,” one woman wrote of the yellow “M” in the McDonald’s logo.

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“Wait what? I never noticed that lol,” someone else replied.

“did you know this?” another person asked, tagging a friend.


Another person commented on the post to say that her daughter pointed out the McDonald’s logo was made of two bendy French fries[/caption]

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