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The Masked Singer on FOX: Fans stunned by first double unmasking of season five


Season five of The Masked Singer has featured some of the biggest talents of the show so far, as well as some insane theories, unexpected reveals and the debut of the unpredictable Wildcard contenders. Tonight’s episode on Fox went one step further by sending home not one, but two costumed celebrities. 

Fans of Fox’s hit talent show The Masked Singer were treated to a double bill and two shocking eliminations in this week’s round, ‘Super 8 – The Plot Chickens!’

Tonight’s episode seemed to be going for an ocean themed elimination round, as both the Crab and Seashell were both sent packing.

Crab sadly failed to impress with his rendition of Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’, whilst Seashell gave it their best shot with ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ by Tiffany Darwish. 

In a first for this season, two celebrities were deemed unfit to make it through to the Final Six.

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Beginning her career as a teen star in the ABC sitcom Sister, Sister, Mowry-Housley has since become a regular on the talk show circuit and currently features as a Lifestyle Expert on Hallmark’s Home & Family.

Another Twitter user posted: “AHHHHH, TAMERA!!! I LOVE HER. She killed it, good job girl, I wish you would’ve won tho.” 

Thankfully, the remaining players will be safe from elimination during next week’s Maskie Awards. 

However, Piglet, Robopine, Yeti, Chameleon, Black Swan and the Russian Dolls will have to bring their A game when the competition heats up in the following episode.

Meanwhile, many fans thought season five’s new addition, Cluedle Doo, was channelling WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness with her very own theme song. 

On Twitter, one fan said: “Sooo this Cluedle-Doo song was trying to be “Agatha All Along” so badly.”

Some viewers even quipped that Marvel star Katheryn Hahn could be behind the late addition to season five. 

The series will be taking a break from its regular proceedings next week, but the Final Six will be facing off once again at the start of May.

The Masked Singer continues Wednesday, April 28 on Fox.


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