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The Masked Singer on FOX: Fans already rumble first eliminated star after Niecy Nash clue


The fifth season of The Masked Singer US is already upon us, and a brand new trailer has given fans their first look at the chaos to come in the following weeks. Unfortunately, some eagle-eyed viewers may have already deciphered who’ll be sent packing in this week’s season premiere on Fox.

Some observant fans of The Masked Singer US may already know the first costumed celebrity to be sent home in the upcoming fifth season.

Fox’s unpredictable singing extravaganza will make its return this Wednesday, March 10, and introduce the world to another cavalcade of performing characters.

As before, the contestants’ identities will be hidden by a variety of quirky and colourful costumes, and fans will be encouraged to guess the celebs behind each mask from a set of cryptic clues.

Confirmed for this year are the likes of the Russian Dolls, the Seashell, Porcupine, Snail and Piglet.

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However, some newly released footage may have already confirmed the character who’ll be heading home in the season premiere.

Recent speculation has landed on the Phoenix as the most likely contestant to be eliminated at the start of the season.

One keen-eyed viewer took to Reddit to outline their evidence, which was largely taken from new footage of guest host Niecy Nash unmasking her first competitors.

They said: “Russian Dolls, Chameleon and Black Swan have been shown to have at least 2 backgrounds.”

Some viewers believe the Phoenix’s performance style and choice of costume could single out former athlete and reality TV royalty Caitlyn Jenner as the first celeb to go.

Another fan reasoned: “Phoenix has a gown on, which we know is almost always a sign that the celeb is an older woman and not intending on dancing.

“And choosing a costume that symbolizes rebirth would be perfect for Caitlyn, who’s a proud trans woman and made the daring decision to transition publicly.”

Season five promises to be the most imaginative round of masked madness yet, but, as with previous competitions, spoilers and speculation have already started flying thick and fast.

This year, season five will shake things up by introducing ‘wild card’ singers throughout the competition who could be in with a chance of unseating one of their rivals.

The series already promises to feel a little bit different as comedian and TV host Niecy Nash will temporarily take the place of regular host Nick Cannon after the presenter tested positive for COVID-19 days before production started.

Much like last year’s instalment, which concluded back in December, eager fans have clearly started up the rumour mill well before the competition gets underway, with no signs of slowing down.

The Masked Singer US season 5 begins Wednesday, March 10 on Fox.


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