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The Last Kingdom: Should Uhtred have killed Brida in season 4?


The Last Kingdom season four is the latest instalment in the Netflix historical drama and it took plenty of dark turns. Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) watched on as his childhood friend Brida (Emily Cox) was taken away by the Welsh King. Fans believe Uhtred should have sent Brida to Valhalla while he had the chance.

Should Uhtred have killed Brida in season 4?

The Last Kingdom is a popular drama series based on The Saxon Stories by author Bernard Cornwell.

The series follows Uhtred, who was born into a Saxon family but was raised by Danes after his home was destroyed.

He grew up with friend Brida, who was also raised by Danes as she too had lost her home.

The pair remained inseparable, and even started a romantic relationship, but Brida was always concerned about Uhtred’s wavering loyalty.

His allegiance was with both the Saxons and Danes as he supported King Alfred’s (David Dawson) vision for a united England.

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In the fourth season, Uhtred supported the Saxons during the iconic battle at Tettenhall, against Cnut (Magnus Bruun).

Cnut had been in a relationship with Brida and he was the father of her two sons.

Cnut and Uhtred had separated themselves from the main brawl and fought in a one-on-one battle.

During the fight, Cnut admitted to plotting to kill Brida’s former husband, Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann).

Brida then showed up and Uhtred revealed the truth to her, and she proceeded to kill Cnut.

One fan said: “It was stupid for Uhtred to just let her become enslaved after knowing how f***** up it was for him in season two.

“His enslavement storyline was the toughest his life has ever been, he should’ve either killed Brida (I didn’t expect him to because that’s not within character) but not trying to save her was even worse because that’s completely out of character.”

Another added: “I’m on the fence because yes I agree he should have done the favour of killing her but he literally had like 20 seconds to do it.

“To be able to make the decision to kill your best friend from childhood in 20 seconds doesn’t come easy. I cut him slack for that.”

Most fans think Uhtred killing Brida would have been a better option than leaving her to live as a slave.

In the end, she was set free by the warlord Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson) and they went on to raid Winchester together.

Due to Uhtred’s decision to let her go, she made the decision to never trust another man again.

When she next came face to face with Uhtred, she attempted to kill him in a fit of rage for what he had put her through.

Another fan added: “I wish he did [kill Brida] tbh. Would have been a ‘nice’ end for her character and we wouldn’t have to deal with that absurd character shift in season four [sic].”

A final viewer said: “I can understand her hating him or at least disliking him but it just went a little OTT, her almost insane rage, her devout desire to kill him and not only that but even willing to kill his kids.

“Just seems a little odd especially juxtaposed with season three. It could have been done a lot better in a way where the audience could be more sympathetic towards her character.”

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