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'The irony!' Spain mocked by Sky News presenter for Covid passports as vaccination falters


Stephen Dixon was discussing reports stating Spain is set to have new vaccine certification in place no later than June 2021. The Sky News presenter stated this was ironic as the country is struggling to get vaccines out.  

Mr Dixon said: “Digital vaccine certificates are going to be ready by June at the latest, according to Reuters.

“So that is effectively what we are calling a vaccine passport.

“There has been talk about it here in the UK but nothing has been confirmed at this stage.

“Spain is saying they want to have those vaccination passports ready by June.

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“Slight irony in that is that they are struggling to get the vaccines out at the moment in Spain.

“But they want to get that certification of that sorted quite quickly.”

Countries within the European Union have struggled with their vaccine programmes in comparison to the UK.

Boris Johnson has also stated the UK is considering coronavirus passports.

“So I see some sense in a vaccine passport because it would make life simpler but I think we have got to be careful about people’s civil liberties.

“And therefore I think the vaccine passport and a testing record might get around that.”

He added testing could be used for anti-vaxxers: “So, therefore, an anti-vaxxer could have a testing record that showed they had not had Covid within the last 72 hours.

“That would allow them then to get on board.”


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