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'The Ingraham Angle' on Biden transforming America, Milley's secret China calls


This is a rush transcript from “The Ingraham Angle,” September 16, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham. This is “The Ingraham Angle” from a very busy Washington tonight.

General Mark Milley says his January 2021 call with his Chinese counterpart was cleared by the Acting Secretary of Defense, and that was Christopher Miller at the time. While, Miller’s Chief of Staff says that’s a lie. He’s here to tell the inside story for the very first time.

Plus, is the Biden Administration withholding antibody treatments from Republican states as a form of political punishment. This is a report you will not see anywhere else tonight.

But first, Flooding America. That’s the focus of “Tonight’s Angle.”

The American people have been voting since 2008 for presidents to stop the never ending wars in the Middle East. But little did anyone know that under Biden that wouldn’t just mean bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, it would mean bringing Afghanistan here.

According to Axios, the Biden Administration yesterday informed governors and mayors in 46 States to get ready to welcome the first group of about 37,000 Afghan refugees. Nearly 5,300 for California, 4,500 for Texas, nearly 2,000 for Washington and so on. And by the way, that number is just for starters. In a recent budget request, the Biden Administration asked Congress for funds to resettle a total of – I hope you’re sitting, 160,000 refugees through September of 2022.


ANTONY BLINKEN, UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE: We’re going to be looking for support from all of you on this, and particularly a few things. For Afghans who are paroled into the United States to receive the same benefits that that refugees do, there are some significant funds that will be requested. So that is coming. And in fact, we need to get this done quickly.


INGRAHAM: Oh, no, we don’t support, like this is a telethon. Now, if that happens, by the way, the number of Afghan immigrants living in the U.S. would more than double from where that number was before the airlifts during that chaotic withdrawal.

We’ve kind of gone from – we need to get the translators and interpreters out, to we need to bring everyone who wants to come from Afghanistan here to the United States stat. Well, as a “New York Times” recently reported the planes were often filled haphazardly with unaccompanied minors separated from parents, others without passports or papers, mothers with large families who just wanted to get out of Afghanistan, and fighting age men.

Many of the Afghans we airlifted out did not qualify for the Special Immigrant Visa Program. 10s of 1000s were therefore what’s called paroled into the U.S. on a humanitarian basis. But do not worry kids, because the same guy who was doing those backchannels with China before Trump left office, and who thought that the Afghan army would totally stand and fight once we were gone. He assures us that the vetting of these people is A-OK, relax, because they’re cross-referencing terror watchlist. Excuse me, if I’m unimpressed about that.

All right, let’s not get ourselves. These checks mean next to nothing. Our system is not set up to do 1000s of them a day. In fact, “The Washington Times” reported today that customs officials arrested an Afghan refugee who was convicted for aggravated robbery in 2011 and deported in 2017. Yet somehow, clever man, he made it through the ever-vigilant team of Biden security net guys.

And before that, an Afghan man who was deported after being convicted of rape, got all the way to Dulles Airport. But he was at least caught and arrested. But how many got through? Trump used common sense measures to do things like control the border, and in doing so he saved lives, money and American jobs. But Biden came in and he just blew it all up.

And by the way, they knew exactly what would follow. Like we’re seeing an Afghanistan, a mass of humanity coming to the United States, because for them, neither of these things is a crisis, they are opportunities, an opportunity to fundamentally transform the country, grow dependency on government programs and build a new constituency.

And as the tragedy unfolds, we’re not supposed to raise any questions – Oh, no – not about the migrants or the refugees. We’re supposed to smile and put up one of those hate has no home here, annoying yard signs.


BLINKEN: We’re issuing a call to action to other companies and organizations that want to help Afghans starting new lives in the United States. We will help you find a way to make an impact.

RONALD NEUMANN, FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR TO AFGHANISTAN, ALGERIA, BAHRAIN: We have to recognize that we have a big moral debt to a much larger number of Afghans. We should at least have a much larger refugee program–

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Accepting Afghan refugees and the willingness to accept more, because we have to do more.


INGRAHAM: What? have you ever seen any of them as insistent about how we have to do more about helping our homeless vets? There are about 60,000 of them living on the street every night in the United States. Not for one millisecond? Do they ever consider the burden that they’re putting on hardworking Americans, nor do they care. The costs are massive.

The Center for Immigration Studies crunched the numbers, and they found that U.S. households headed by an Afghan immigrant are twice as likely to live in or near poverty as those headed by a native born American. Likewise, 65 percent of Afghan headed households used at least one major welfare program in 2019. That’s 2.5 times the rate of households headed by a native born American.

Now, America, guys, we all know this is already in the hole for the $2 trillion that’s spent on the war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq. But now we’re on the hook for an additional $64 million in aid, and then billions more in money and over decades in various social services. We’re talking housing stipends, food stamps, health care, job training, ESL classes, and of course, public schooling.

Now, we all know schools are already struggling with COVID mandates, and now they’re going to have to find, I guess, Pashtun speakers to teach these kids. Even Republicans, from conservative states, they somehow fall into the trap.


SEN. JONI ERNST (R-IA): They are wonderful. They’ve supported our men and women in uniform, they love America, they are hard workers. We would love to welcome them into the state/

SEN. MITT ROMNEY (R-UT): We have a moral responsibility. Those are people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude, and we would welcome them into our country.


INGRAHAM: Well, they can all live in one of your houses, Mitt. Now, where’s the pushback to this insanity? As usual, most in the GOP are MIA. According to Axios, not one state official declined to take in Afghans. But here’s my question. Did any of them really have a choice? Because the Americans living in those states sure as hell didn’t get one.

Virtue signaling politicians and activists say we must take as many of the “at risk Afghans” as we can, because, “we made them a promise.” First of all, who made what promise? Was a law passed by Congress stipulating that if the Afghans couldn’t hold off the Taliban, we would take them all in? Or anyone who could make it over the fence and into a plane? I didn’t see that anywhere.

Meanwhile, Europe, for its part is saying, no, thank you, we’re full. French President Emmanuel Macron said France needs to protect itself from a wave of migrants. Austria’s interior minister remarked, “There is no reason why an Afghan should now come to Austria. Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, declared all of them should find their place in the United States. Thanks, Zoran.

But, of course, if you question the process, if you question the numbers, or the cost, well, you’re a bigot.


REP. ILHAN OMAR (D-MN): You’ve got these crazy people on the right doing what they always do with their fear mongering and their hateful rhetoric. I know what some of these people are worried about. Is that they’re worried that refugees like myself, when they come to this country will outshine them.


INGRAHAM: Oh, yes, we can’t sleep at night because of that. Well, that’s an evil lie against the American people who are some of the most generous people on earth. We have no hostility toward the refugees themselves.

Our anger is toward a selfish leadership and the entire leadership class that can never get enough of cheap workers, can never do enough to lower wages for hardworking Americans, that pays no attention to our laws or cares about the good people who happen to actually live here and who welcomed to Ilhan Omar into the country, by the way.

Biden and his team don’t care about these refugees. They just see them as fodder for cheap labor and easy votes. That’s why we’re angry, and that’s why we won’t tolerate high handed lectures from fearmongers like Congresswoman Omar. We’ve seen this movie before. The Democrats bust open our borders for their political benefit, the Republicans let them do it for cheap labor. And then the outlier busts in to set things right. The sequel could be coming in 2024, and that’s “The Angle.”

The surge of Afghan refugees pales in comparison to what’s unfolding on our Southern border, though. Yesterday, we learned that Border Patrol encountered nearly 210,000 illegal crossers, which is year-over-year, a jump of only 300 percent.

Over the past few days Fox’s Bill Melugin has been covering the migrant wave flooding the Del Rio International Bridge. Bill joins us live near the border in Laredo, Texas. Bill, what are you seeing?

BILL MELUGIN, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Laura, good evening to you. As you mentioned, we’ve been keeping tabs on the ongoing situation at that International Bridge in Del Rio. And the situation has really deteriorated over the last 24 hours or so. And we’ve got some remarkable footage we’d like to show you right now.

Take a look at this. This was shot by our Fox drone team earlier today. Again, this is the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. What you’re seeing here are 1000s of migrants crowded underneath that bridge, waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after they crossed illegally into the United States.

This is the U.S. side of the border that you’re looking at. Sources are telling me, at last count tonight, there are currently more than 10,500 illegal immigrants underneath that bridge right now. That is startling, because yesterday morning that number was only 4,000. So in just over 24 hours, that has multiplied by more than double.

Why is this happening? Border Patrol sources are telling me, their agents are completely overrun down there. They don’t have the manpower to handle this. And their holding facilities are completely over capacity, so they don’t really have anywhere to take these people right now. And more and more of them just keep showing up by the hour by the day. Again, 4,000 to more than 10,000 in just over 24 hours.

What I’m being told is most of these migrants are coming in from Haiti. And that city officials and law enforcement officials down there saying they’re currently getting intel that there are another at least 10,000 on the way right now. So Border Patrol, they need some serious help down there.

You’re taking a look at these shocking drone images we see. We also had some people leak us some videos from the ground where you can really get a sense of just how many people are crammed under there.

And I want to mention something, earlier tonight, we just learned that the FAA put up a TFR that stands for a Temporary Flight Restriction in the immediate area over the Port of Entry where that bridge is. What does that mean? It means we can no longer fly our Fox drone above it near, it in that area to get video of the migrants underneath that bridge.

Now, we’re curious why this happened. We reached out to the FAA. According to that TFR that’s in place for two weeks from tonight until September 30th, and they say it’s for special security reasons. So Fox has been flying these drones for the past seven months now. It’s never been an issue. We’re very responsible. All of our operators are trained. They’ve got their permits and everything. It’s never been an issue.

And I actually just got an email from the FAA –if I can open up my phone real quick – responding to why this happened. We reached out to them and asked for some clarification on why this went up. According to the FAA, they’re telling us, “The Border Patrol requested the temporary flight restriction due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights on the border. As with any temporary flight restriction, media is able to call the FAA to make requests to operate in the area.”

I can tell you, it was not our Fox drones interfering with any law enforcement activities. We stay back. We don’t go directly above anything. Our guys are well trained. They know what they’re doing. So what we’ll definitely put a request in to see if we can keep flying. But for right now, we are we are grounded, Laura. We’ll send a bill if you.

INGRAHAM: Now, Bill, if don’t have the drone footage, then how do the American people see the enormity of this situ – I mean, the enormity of the crowd? You can’t see it if you’re not above, correct? It’s impossible to see the numbers.

MELUGIN: Exactly. The only the only other option that we have is for good hearted people to leak us stuff from the ground. Sources on the ground to leak us some videos, which is what happened from underneath that bridge today.

But you’re right, the perspective we’re able to get with the drone from the air, it can’t be matched. Those images are stunning. And there are situations when we’re kept away from something we can’t see it from the ground, we need that drone to be able to go up. And right now that that tool is out of our toolbox right now for the time being.

INGRAHAM: Bill, thank you. You had a long day today. Thanks so much for joining us.

And the footage, again, that he just showed you is, what spurred Texas Governor Greg Abbott to issue an emergency order today, shutting down six points of entry along the Southern border, but it didn’t last long. Texas backed down earlier tonight and reopened the crossings.

Joining me now is Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Lieutenant Governor Patrick, what happened there? Because when I first heard that that was done, I thought, hmm, I think they’re going to run into legal trouble on that, because I believe that’s considered a federal jurisdiction the point points of entry. So I’m not sure that was probably ever that wise of an idea.

LT. GOV. DAN PATRICK (R), TEXAS: Well, here’s what happened, Laura, is that we received a call for help from Border Patrol, because they are being overrun. And so governor Abbott, with my support, and every other Republican support in the state said, we’re there to help you.

And then we found out that Border Patrol did not have permission from Homeland Security, or the president. And so they came out and said, no, we didn’t say we needed any help. We didn’t say that. So the Biden Administration or someone in the administration flip flopped in the issue. Texas did not take a back step. They asked for help, and we were going to help.

Let me tell you something, Laura, and everyone watching, the revolution has begun. A silent revolution by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden to take over this country. Tomorrow is Constitution Day and, folks, if you haven’t read it, you need to read Article IV, Section 4 very quickly. The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union, and shall protect each of them against invasion and domestic violence and guarantee a Republican form of government.

We need every state – every red state, because the blue ones won’t do it, to send an invoke Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution to tell the president that we are being invaded. Now, invasion properly defined by most (ph) says, it’s an unauthorized, uninvited, unwelcomed incursion in your territory or property.

This is not authorized by the State of Texas, it’s not welcomed by the State of Texas, or any other Republican states that I know. And they’re not invited. And so every red state should invoke this clause now, because every red state is being impacted and the blue states apparently don’t care.

Laura, when I say a revolution has begun, they are allowing this year, probably 2 million, that’s what who we apprehended – maybe another million into this country. At least in 18 years, even if they all don’t become citizens before they can vote – in 18 years, if every one of them has two or three children, you’re talking about millions and millions and millions of new voters. And they will thank the Democrats and Biden for bringing them here. Who do you think they’re going to vote for?

So this is this is trying to take over our country without firing a shot. That is what happening Laura. And if you look at – yes. Go ahead.

INGRAHAM: Dan, let me ask you. Is your concern, a political concern, a national security concern, an economic concern, a health concern, a crime and safety concern? Is it all of it? I mean, are you – are you going right to the political, because some people would say, oh, this is just all political for Dan Patrick. They just care about the within the state. What do you think?

PATRICK: No. Again, Laura, what the Constitution says in section – Article IV, Section 4, it guarantees every state a Republican form of government. What’s a Republican form of government? It’s designed as – it’s designed, or defined, rather, as a government that focuses on citizens running their government.

We now will have illegals in this country, denying citizens the right to run our government, because our government, our representatives that we elect can’t even stop them from coming. So this is denying us our government that’s run by our citizens with illegals who are here who are going to take our education, our health care, all. So, it’s government, its politics, its health care, its safety.

You know how many 1000s of people will die in America because of the drugs are coming across the border?


PATRICK: Or the gang violence.


PATRICK: So, Laura, this isn’t politics–

INGRAHAM: Yes, it’s a – yes, it is.

PATRICK: This is selling out our country.

INGRAHAM: It is a shocking, dereliction of duty, but it’s purposeful. Dan, thank you for that–

PATRICK: Its purposeful.

INGRAHAM: –reminder of Constitution Day. And I think beyond the State of Texas–

PATRICK: Tomorrow.

INGRAHAM: –Americans are torqued off about this. Thank you.

General Milley claims that Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller signed off on the Joint Chiefs January call with China. But the former Pentagon Chief of Staff says that’s a lie. He’s here next with the real story. Stay with us.


INGRAHAM: Yesterday, Former Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller denied ever giving Milley permission to hobnob with one of the top PLA commanders. And predictively, CNN is peddling another tale.


JAMIE GANGEL, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT: General Milley consulted with both defense secretaries back in October. That would have been then Defense Secretary Esper, who wanted this call made, and then with Acting Defense Secretary in Chris Miller in January.


INGRAHAM: But my next guest says it’s Milley’s defenders who are twisting the truth. Joining me now is Kash Patel, former Pentagon Chief of Staff and Advisor to President Trump. Kash, can you clear this up here? What is the real story? Did Chris Miller walk back his initial denials today? Because that’s how it was being reported?

KASH PATEL, FORMER PENTAGON CHIEF OF STAFF: No, no, because Chris Miller, President Trump, and I follow the law. You cannot coordinate your way into a violation of the law, which is what Chairman Milley is trying to do today by letting all mainstream media carry his water.

The law prohibits the chairman from operational command authority anywhere. We can’t coordinate it to him, we can’t delegate it to him, we are not allowed to prescribe it to him. So any instance or any situation where he’s attempting to deflect is incorrect. There was never a permission granted to Chairman Milley to tip off the Chinese, because it would have been illegal.

INGRAHAM: Now, there was some reporting, Kash, today that, I guess, Miller should have been aware of this call, because his deputy knew and then other reports that China even initiated the call. Again, what’s the truth there?

PATEL: Yes, let me just put this into perspective. What they’re trying to say is, Chairman Milley passed a piece of paper to one of the deputies at the Pentagon – and mind you there’s 40,000 people there on any given day, and that was coordination sufficient. That’s like me saying to the secretary of defense, hey, call a junior staffer at the White House, then come back and say you coordinated with the president.

Chairman Milley knows. Better now they’re peddling more false facts to justify their actions of insubordination and violation of the chain of command. It’s outrageous that the most apolitical officer in the country is the most political officer and is turning to the mainstream media to continue to carry his false narrative, like he did around January 6–

INGRAHAM: Now speaking–

PATEL: Like he is doing it around Afghanistan.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, speaking of this, Kash, apparently, the plot against Trump at the Pentagon went a lot deeper than just General Milley.


PHILIP RUCKER, WASHINGTON POST WH BUREAU CHIEF: They were hatching plans at the Pentagon for how they might try to stop it. They were prepared to resign one by one in order to stop the president. The fact that those discussions were happening at the Pentagon in those final months of the Trump presidency, I think, speaks volumes to the concern that those who worked directly and closely behind the scenes with President Trump had about his mental state and his wellbeing.


INGRAHAM: Kash, your reaction to that and were you ever worried about President Trump’s mental state? Or were you more worried about the deep state’s meddling?

PATEL: Never worried about President Trump’s mental state. I was in the Situation Room with him when he killed Baghdadi, when he saved 54 American hostages, took out Soleimani, ran Counterterrorism Forum and then over to the Pentagon. Not once for one second did I question that commander-in- chief’s mental state.

I do question this one on a daily basis. And I think you’re right to do so. So the actions just justify what President Trump did and they’re using cheap rhetoric to take them down, as always, and it’s just a false narrative.

INGRAHAM: Did you catch wind of this this mass resignation that was planned to, “Stop Trump.”

PATEL: No, because it didn’t exist. It existed with these people who wanted to politicize the national security apparatus like Milley and those that worked around him. But the actual National Career staff officers in the Department of Defense would never have done that. They actually admired this president for his courageous actions and leading the Department of Defense. I know that for a fact as well, because I led them.

INGRAHAM: Kash, it’s great to see it tonight. Thank you so much.

And joining me now Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution, Senior Fellow, author of the forthcoming book, “The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism and Globalization are Destroying the Idea of America.” Victor can’t wait for your book. You see TV generals in the Trump age, really laid the groundwork for what Milley did here, explain.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Yes, I think so. I think we had a Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that retired generals or active cannot disparage the commander in chief. We had 10 of the most renowned generals in the country retired, who used epithets like Mussolini or compared Trump’s immigration policies to Auschwitz, are called him a liar, and I could go on and on. There were no there were no repercussions of that.

We had Rosa Brooks, who was a legal consultant to the last administration’s under secretary of defense, who 10 days into the Trump Administration published in foreign policy, a plan of how to get rid of Trump with the 25th Amendment impeachment. But third, a Military coup. We had officers – retired officers Nagl and Yingling who published a letter suggesting that Milley should activate armed forces to remove Trump if they felt that he was tampering or was contesting the election.

And so, there’s been clear violations all along of the Uniform Code of Military Justice that was designed just to prevent exactly what we’re seeing. And Kash is absolutely right about the chain of command. 1947, 53, 86, the Congress reiterated that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Joint Chiefs have no operational command. They’re in an advisory capacity only. The president makes police on military matters. He directs the secretary of defense. The secretary of defense contacts field commanders.

So what Milley did, if this is true that he was talking about procedures for nuclear codes, he violated the chain of command. He’s going to have to resign if he did that. We don’t know if people are going to come forward and confirm that. That was a clear violation of the law. And we’re going to have to look at the uniform code of military justice. It either exists or it doesn’t. If we are not going to enforce Article 88 then we shouldn’t have it in.

But this is the end of it. This is not the beginning. We’ve had a long four years of absolute flagrant attacks on the commander in chief.

INGRAHAM: And I’m so glad you pointed that out. In one of the more famous of these so-called TV generals had something else to say about Milley’s behavior.


GEN. BARRY MCCAFFREY, UNITED STATES ARMY OFFICER (RET): We ought to be grateful. We had a patriot, a man of integrity, experience, and good judgment who acted as a final firewall. He never actually told Trump he wouldn’t do something, but he was setting up the conditions to make sure the Armed Forces weren’t involved in a transition of government.


INGRAHAM: Victor, is a general supposed to be a firewall against his commander in chief? It’s like stunning that McCaffrey said that.

HANSON: Yes. That’s stunning, what he just said. And remember what General McCaffrey said. He called the president of the United States, he himself, as I recall, called him a Mussolini-like character. So that was a violation that he committed of the uniform code of military justice. And to advocate that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs who has no chain of command operational latitude should take it and then start to direct policy on his own, that is almost insurrectionary.

And so to get back on television when we are learning about this and not to be embarrassed about it but to praise him, it’s one of the scariest we’ve ever seen. We’ve never seen anything like this. And yet these people are not embarrassed. They’re not shocked about it. It’s a clear violation of the Constitution and the whole series of laws passed by the Congress and signed by previous presidents. And if people cannot obey the law, then they should suffer the consequence.

INGRAHAM: Republicans, they get back in the White House, they better clean house over at that Pentagon. They better clean it all out. Victor, great to see you.

And it’s the biggest controversy you likely have not heard about. The Biden administration is withholding lifesaving antibody treatments from southern, predominantly Republican states? Is this political punishment? The background and the man who uncovered this scandal in moments.


INGRAHAM: It turns out the Biden administration is now tightening its grip over the supply of COVID antibody treatments flowing to states. That may not seem like a huge issue at first, until you realize that the move means massive shortages in red states that rely on these drugs to save lives. This leaves many to ask, is this political retribution? For more on this story, we turn to FOX chief breaking news correspondent Trace Gallagher live in our West Coast Newsroom. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHIEF BREAKING NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Laura, the federal government allocates 150,000 doses of COVID-19 antibodies each week. Until now they have been distributed on an as-needed basis and many states have made the antibodies a primary weapon in their fight. In fact, seven southern states, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi reportedly account for 70 percent of all antibody doses, mostly because last month federal health officials said that states battling the Delta surge should get a higher supply.

Then Health and Health Services started to modify its stance a bit, saying it would start closely monitoring how many doses were being used but that the supply would not be limited. Well, suddenly there are now new Biden administration guidelines that say antibody treatments will no longer be given out on an as-needed basis but instead distributed more evenly across all states.

And as you can imagine, health officials in Alabama, Tennessee, and other states have strongly criticized the new policy. But remember, President Biden has strongly criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other red states for resisting mask mandates, saying, quote, “If governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I will use my power as president to get them out of the way.” Today, Governor DeSantis said this. Watch.


GOV. RON DESANTIS, (R) FLORIDA: Man, to just pull the rug out from anyone a week after the president himself said they were going to be increasing the distributions by 50 percent, it’s very, very problematic.


GALLAGHER: So as a remedy, DeSantis says he is now in the process of trying to buy antibody treatments directly from GlaxoSmithKline. Laura?

INGRAHAM: Unbelievable. Thank you, Trace.

And here now is Phil Kerpen from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. He was one of the first to pull all this together. Phil, the left went from attacking DeSantis for promoting these treatments to now, what, are they implying he is hoarding them all, or they just want a lot of people in the red states to die at this point? What’s going on here?

PHIL KERPEN, PRESIDENT, THE COMMITTEE TO UNLEASH PROSPERITY: It’s a pretty remarkable situation, Laura. You’re absolutely right, just a couple of weeks ago the attack was how dare he use this drug which doesn’t even work. He should spend all his time on the vaccine, and maybe he has a secret kickback with the manufacturer. All of that was debunked. It was a conspiracy theory. And then they went from, he is using too much, he’s hoarding it.

And the remarkable thing is there is no shortage of this drug. The manufacturer says there is ample supply to meet all demand through the end of this year. And if you read inside the press release carefully from the Department of Health and Health Services, they say they are going to distribute at more equitably both geographically and temporally, as in they want to save it for the future, for a potential winter wave in the north. So they are basically saying we are not going to allow this lifesaving treatment to be used right now in the places where it’s needed right now because we want to stockpile it in case we need it in the future instead of just ramping up production. It’s insane.

INGRAHAM: Jen Psaki kind of echoed those points today.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Given the rise in cases due to the Delta variant and the lower number of vaccination rates in some of these states like Florida, like Texas, just seven states are making up 70 percent of the orders. Our supply is not unlimited, and we believe it should be equitable across states across the country.


INGRAHAM: The equity line. And doesn’t Florida have among the highest vaccination rates in the United States?

KERPEN: They are number 13 —

INGRAHAM: Or at least higher than the national average, yes.

KERPEN: They are number 13 in vaccinating seniors. Overall among adults I think they are number 21. They’re definitely above average. They are one of the best large states in vaccination, and if you take those northeastern states that are at like 98 percent and New England out of it which are all small states, they are doing really well, much better than a lot of other liberal states in terms of the vaccine availability.

And one of the things that DeSantis has pointed out, because they have had such a big wave in Florida, about half the people are coming in and getting the antibody treatments are fully vaccinated. So this is not a situation where it’s the bad, unvaccinated people in Florida that are getting it. They’ve got an awful lot of people who directly need this treatment now who are both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

INGRAHAM: And aren’t they also beginning to send some of these monoclonal antibody treatments overseas? That’s also part of this. I believe they are exporting some to countries that have their own deficit of these treatments.

KERPEN: Regeneron has a joint manufacturing agreement with Roche, and Roche had been doing most of the production for foreign markets. Roche is now going to produce some of the supply for the U.S. as well, to meet — Biden finally put in another order just a couple of days ago. The other thing that is remarkable here, which is mentioned in that DeSantis clip is one week ago tonight, President Biden walked out and said he was increasing shipments of antibodies 50 percent. And if you look on the White House website, right now as we speak it says they will increase them 50 percent in September. They are not talking about sometime in the future. They literally promise to increase them 50 percent in September, and they cut them 50 percent instead.

INGRAHAM: Phil, I think people think we are making this up at this point. It is so ludicrous. I want everyone to listen to Joe Biden, because again, Phil is not exaggerating. This was a week ago. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The monoclonal antibody treatments have been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization by up to 70 percent. Tonight, I am announcing we will increase the average pace of shipment across the country of free monoclonal antibody treatments by another 50 percent.


INGRAHAM: When you hear him say it.

KERPEN: Across the country except the south. “Across the country” meant except at south, apparently. Look, it’s a ridiculous situation. There is no valid explanation for what’s going on. And I’ll tell you what, we know that the governor of Florida is negotiating directly to buy from GlaxoSmithKline. They have their own version of this, very effective in trials. They have never got a single federal order for their version. The Feds only buy the Regeneron. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Biden administration sweeps in, signs an exclusive deal just to block Florida for getting it. That’s something to watch in the next few days.

INGRAHAM: We will bring you back for that. You’re pretty good at these predictions, Phil. Thank you.

And Democrats have a problem. Minority men are increasingly rejecting them. Up next, an explanation as to why.



LARRY ELDER, (R) FORMER CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: They tried to divide us on race. They want black people not to think about the fact that families have been destroyed because of the welfare state. They don’t want black people to think about the decline in the quality of public education. They don’t want black people to think about jobs. All they want is black people to think about is oppression, that you are under siege. You are a victim.


INGRAHAM: Larry Elder may have lost the California recall race, but it’s the Democrats who should be worried. Why? Because exit polling showed that nearly half of the Hispanic man and nearly a quarter of black men voted to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. These numbers sent “The New York Times” columnist Charles Blow over the edge, “there is a worrisome detail in the data, one that Democrats would do well to deal with. Black and Latino men are not hueing as close to the party line as black and Latino women.”

Joining us now is Delano Squires, Blaze Media contributor and scholar with the 1776 Unite. Delano, he goes on to say there is a special communion among men, even if they are different races, because they get all these special privileges as men. So that must explain part of this. What’s driving this?

DELANO SQUIRES, BLAZE MEDIA CONTRIBUTOR: Anyone who is familiar with Charles Blow’s work should not be surprised that he jumped straight to race and gender, Laura. And he’s not particularly sophisticated in his analysis, but the truth of the matter is that these men, black and Hispanic men, just like any other men, are concerned primarily with their families. They are concerned with crime and law and order, and they are concerned with education.

And in the spot that you played, Larry Elder touched on some of those issues. And the Democratic Party, to be frank, is one that is antagonistic to the family, and many black people, not just conservatives, but even some black liberals have talked about the way that the Democratic Party has undercut the family for the better part of 60 years. And many Democrats even to this day, the ones that support the Black Lives Matter organization, who said that they believe in dismantling the nuclear family, these Democrats think that women should marry the government basically. Whereas conservatives believe that men and women should get married before they have children.

So these voters, like any other voters, are paying attention to their own interests. And when you are a black or Hispanic man in one of the largest cities in this country, for instance, in New York City, 98 percent of the shooting victims and 94 percent of the homicide victims are black and Hispanic.

INGRAHAM: So what do you tell Republicans, Delano, about these elections, because before Trump, there aren’t many Republicans actually even trying to reach minority men, not that many. What to do next in the midterms and beyond?

SQUIRES: The things that I would say would be, again, to focus on the family. A lot of black men that I know, particularly the ones who are questioning the liberal orthodoxy, these are men who are married, they care for their wives, they care for their children. So I think Republicans should lean into their own platform, which says that the natural family, the nuclear family, is the foundation and bedrock of any civil society, and that the stronger the family, the less the need for government in our everyday lives. So that is one piece.

I think, again, crime is huge. You see this in New York where it was a sort of moderate Democrat, Eric Adams, that really, he won the Democratic primary really pushing a message of cleaning up —

INGRAHAM: They have got to show up.

SQUIRES: Correct.

INGRAHAM: Delano, they have to show up in these areas. We’ll have you back for a longer segment on this because I think the Democrats are sweating this. They’re sweating it. They know things are changing. It might take some time, but you have to keep fighting for every vote. Delano, thank you.

And CNN just can’t quit January 6th. The Last Bite explains.


INGRAHAM: We just found out the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may have been orchestrating kind of a soft coup. But that’s not the real threat to our republic.


ASHLEY ALLISON, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: When I look at the people who come on Saturday, I draw very close parallels to the Taliban. They are people who don’t have respect for democracy. There are people who don’t respect for diverging ideas. And that is what people on January 6th did for, and that is what people who will come on Saturday. And if you are a Republican and Democrat and you won’t condemn, shame on you.


INGRAHAM: Sounds like a case of projection, a really bad case of projection.

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Gutfeld next.

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