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The incredible new 105 mile walking route through 10 beautiful European villages

A European country has launched an incredible new 105-mile walking route that takes you through 10 beautiful villages.

Italy’s new hiking trail can be completed in just seven days, connecting various remote villages between the Veneto and Trentino regions.

This circular loop begins and ends near the city of Belluno, in the village of Aune, and spans 10 municipalities in two areas: Tesino and Feltrino.

The Cammino Retico – which is named after the ancient Raeti people who once lived there in pre-Roman times – incorporates pre-marked paths such as the ancient Claudia August and routes drawn out by Italy’s Club Alpino.

It hopes to bring slow and sustainable tourism to some of Italy’s lesser-known territories at risk of depopulation while letting visitors explore an uncrowded and “uncontaminated” side of the country and is a far cry from the more touristy areas of Rome and Milan.

The route should be on every hiker’s bucket list as along the designated trail, there are quaint villages, rugged limestone mountains, pretty lakes, and lush valleys, as well as various points of historical interest.

Monte Avena is where traces of Neanderthal populations were discovered.

But you’ll also pass by the 20th-century Sanctuary of Saints Vittore and the 17th-century Villa delle Centenere. 

Hikers can stay in a mountain community including the walled town of Feltre and the lakeside village of Arsiè.

Medieval town Feltre’d main street Via Mezzaterra, is lined with typical Renaissance houses, with pointed roofs to protect against snow.

The closest airport to the trail is Belluno and from 2025, a twin route for cyclists will be laid out as well.


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