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The healthy lifestyle habit that 'doubles your risk' of Parkinson's – surprising finding


Smoking more cigarettes and for a longer period of time were also associated with a lower risk of developing the disease, as the risk in people smoking 12 or more cigarettes a day or for longer than 30 years was about 55 percent lower compared to those who had never smoked.

Smoking correlated with reduced disease risk in both mid-age and late-onset Parkinson’s, as well as in tremor-dominant and akinetic-rigid (slowed movement, muscle stiffness, postural instability, gait impairment) Parkinson’s.

Also, the risk did not vary over the follow-up period, which argues against a delaying effect of smoking on Parkinson’s onset, the team observed.

Exposure to passive smoking at home or work was also linked to lower risk, as passive smokers were 30 percent less likely to develop the disease than non-exposed individuals.

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