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The Hairy Bikers: Duo are roaring home for 'love letter to the North' in latest show


Filmed last summer, their “love letter” foodie adventure takes the pair back to where they grew up. The pals explore the culinary creations of Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, the Peak District, Northumberland and Newcastle. Dave, 63, from Barrow-in-Furness, said: “It’s been nearly a decade since we went on the road in Britain and it’s true you quite often miss what’s on your own doorstep.

“We had already decided to film in the UK before Covid was an issue and stopped foreign travel. So we filmed here through choice, not circumstance. The series is a love letter to the North, and a celebration of the food and the people that produce it.”

Si, 54, from County Durham, added: “This is without doubt the most personal, emotional and enlightening journey we’ve undertaken.

“We flipping loved every turn of that motorcycle wheel.”

The pals’ previous road trips have included travelling across Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean and on Route 66 in the US.

In 2016 Si and Dave went all over the world searching for the best chicken and egg recipes.

The Hairy Bikers Go North will be shown on BBC Two later this year.


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