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The European country where people work just 30 hours a week – for more pay than UK

Striking the right working-life balance can be difficult for many people – and many feel they spend more time at work and not enough time relaxing.

While everyone is different, some countries have much longer average working weeks than others, with some putting a lot more emphasis on spending time out of the office.

One western European country has the shortest working week in Europe, according to a new survey.

According to the survey by AHTI games, workers in the Netherlands spend just 30 hours a week at work.

In more good news for people working in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the country also has the eight shortest commute time.

People heading into Dutch cities to work have an average commute of just 28 minutes – with Denmark having the shortest average commute at just 17 minutes.

While Danes may spend less time on commuter trains than their Dutch counterparts, they also spend an average of four hours a week more in the office.

This is still an hour less than neighbouring countries including Sweden and Germany, and three less than countries including Luxembourg and the US.

Although they work a shorter week than other countries, the Dutch don’t feel this in their pay packets.

The average monthly salary in the country, according to the survey, is around £2,654.

This is far more than in nearby France, where workers work five hours more a week but earn an average of £1,845.

It is however less than the average person in Switzerland, where people also work 35 hours a week but get an average salary of £4,801.

The average British salary is £2,253 per month according to Statista.


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