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The European city where expats feel ‘safe’ and everything is way cheaper than UK

For British expats seeking an affordable and safe haven abroad, Malaga, Spain, is emerging as a prime destination, offering a blend of warm climate, affordability, and security that is attracting an increasing number of residents.

In 2023, Malaga welcomed a staggering 22.3 million arrivals at its airport, surpassing pre-Covid numbers and signalling a resurgence in its appeal.

This surge in visitors has translated into a growing number of expatriates making the city their home, drawn by its high quality of life and welcoming atmosphere, according to a ranking by InterNations.

What sets Malaga apart is its affordability. Numbeo data reveals that the cost of living in Malaga is nearly 40 percent lower than in London, making it an attractive option for those looking to stretch their budget without compromising on lifestyle.

With an average monthly expense of £589 for a single person, excluding rent, Malaga proves to be more economical than other popular Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

The city’s favourable climate further adds to its allure, with abundant sunny days and mild winters.

Content creator Frii Info Spain highlighted Malaga’s climate in a YouTube video, stating: “The region has many sunny days and only two to three months of downright cold weather.”

Safety is another key factor drawing expats to Malaga. In a recent YouTube clip, globe-trotters Amelia and JP emphasised feeling secure while exploring the city at night.

“We walked around all day and all night […] and we felt safe everywhere we went,” they said, citing Malaga’s ranking as the 32nd safest city on the global peace index.

Despite its growing popularity, some concerns have been raised about the increasing touristification of Spanish cities like Malaga. Content creator James, from Spain Revealed, expressed frustration over the disappearance of local bars in major cities like Madrid, signalling potential challenges associated with the influx of expatriates.

Nevertheless, Malaga continues to charm expats with its blend of affordability, safety, and Mediterranean lifestyle, making it a top choice for those seeking a new home abroad.


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